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6 Tips That Can Help You Write Up A Wonderful College Assignment Paper

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Assignments are real deals in college life. There are like intermittent breaks in between to make you realize that you are in college and you have got to take a few things seriously from time to time. For teachers, assignments are instrumental in evaluating a student’s overall understanding of a particular subject and ultimately, grading them. Sometimes, based on your performance in your assignments, you may avail of better academic opportunities. Hence, take your assignments seriously.

Some tips can, of course, be quite resourceful to those who want to ace their assignment grades. Speaking from experience, there are certain things that teachers look for in student assignments. I am going to enumerate 6 of those things which you should work on to make great assignments.

  1. Do a preliminary study
    Before choosing any topic, make sure you have conducted a preliminary study on the same. Dedicate some time to read the available literature on a number of topics and shortlist the ones which suit your interests. Only after you have done this step should you consider developing your research topic. While there is no harm in starting with a predetermined research topic, it is always advised to research a little before finalizing one.
  2. Prepare an outline
    Once you have decided the topic for your assignment, you should move towards preparing an outline. From whatever research you have conducted you would have developed a fair idea of how to go about the topic. There are certain headers you should focus on: introduction, specific parts of the topic that needs elaborate discussion, analysis, and conclusion. You do not have to necessarily put these headers in your assignment, but write your assignment keeping these headers in mind. Based on these headers, decide what you will and will not cover. An outline will help you develop the scope of your assignment, which is very important for consistency and relevancy.
  3. Talk to your teacher
    Whether or not the assignment is graded, you should consider consulting your teacher whenever you have problems. But, do not expect your teacher to spoonfeed you. Research well and frame questions that you want answers to. Your teacher will lead you to the right answers, and it shall be your responsibility to find them of course. Consultation with teachers helps in projecting a positive image about you; they will appreciate that you are actually putting in efforts—something students do not often do so far as assignments are concerned.
  4. Focus on formatting
    This is one of the most neglected aspects of assignment-making. Your teacher evaluates you based on not only what you write but also how you structure your assignment. This becomes, especially, important when you are submitting a digital copy. Take notes on how to format right: justify the content, use different font sizes for headings and sub-headings, ensure uniform citation throughout the paper, undertake grammar check, have proper spacing between paragraphs, and whatnot. Do not simply write down unedited and submit the paper. Work on the presentation as well because that may fetch you brownie points.
  5. Try to read multiple sources
    This is something that most students do: they find one article that covers all the major points and reiterate the content in their own language in their assignment. You may think that the teacher won’t know but the fact is there will be other students who will be doing exactly the same thing. Your assignment lacks initiative, and this is not something too difficult to figure out. Instead, read from multiple sources, critically evaluate them, and frame your thoughts. Just because a certain great personality has done or said things in a certain way does not mean you have to agree with him. However, you will only be able to elaborate your thoughts only upon diligent research and critical analysis.
  6. Keep it simple
    There is nothing wrong with using advanced writing style but it becomes a lot easier for people to take in and understand your work if done in simple language. Of course, I won’t deny that advanced writing style does fetch you scores but that only happens when it makes sense. If you use heavy words, for example, just to impress the teacher and those words lack context, then your assignment will nothing more than gibberish. Using simple language is good enough. Do not exaggerate just for the heck of it.

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