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6 Tips for Dressing Right for A Late Night Party

Times have changed and so have our parties. Late-night occasions are commonplace and fun to attend. What is not so fun is choosing a dress to wear to the occasion. What makes for the perfect look? What would count as too much? Should you prioritize comfort or fashion?

Too many questions? We agree. To make things simpler for you, we present a total of 6 tips for dressing for a late-night party. You should just focus on having fun and leave the thinking and heavy lifting to us. Read on to discover how you can get the most in the least amount of time.

  1. Pick practical shoes
    When stepping out for a late-night party, you should prioritize comfort over fashion. Unless the venue is not very far from your place or you do not plan on staying long, you should wear shoes that offer ample support for walking.
    Late-night parties also involve dancing (most of the time), damaging your shoes is another concern that you might have. If you still want to slay the party look, you can go for some cheap footwear that you would have no guilt throwing away after wearing them on a few occasions.

  2. Pick a bag that is easy to carry
    More than just phone and pocket cash, your bag carries a number of necessities that can range from a common headache pill, ID cards to address book, etc. You don’t want to clutch a bag in your hand all night long; instead, go for a cross-body sling bag.
    Carrying a bit of extra cash is important in case you decide to leave early and head home. Last but not the least, your sling bag should be secure, i.e. no stuff in outside-facing pockets, keep all your belongings tucked away in the safe pocket.

  3. Black goes with the night
    If you are wondering about a color to wear, black will serve you just right. Pair it with a simple jacket and you are ready to go. Even if you are on the heavier side, black is a slimming color and would look good on you. Another advantage of wearing black is that all the sweat from dancing and drinking won’t be readily visible. By the end of the party, you would look just as you did at the start.

  4. Wear those pants!
    Rather than going for a mini dress, wear pants. They are often overlooked in your wardrobe and seldom get the chance to see the light of the day. Well, technically speaking they still won’t! But they are a far more practical choice.
    Pairing them with a jacket is a great idea. It will give you a casual yet ready for the occasion look. If you are unsure about a pair of well-fitted pants, then you can go for something more slouchy or comfortable. There’re plenty of ways you can style your look and stand out in a crowd.

  5. Don’t go with the conventional
    If you are looking for a unique idea to dress for the occasion, then discard the first three that come to your mind. Statistically speaking, those are the very choices that most people think of too. Rather, put together a look that only you can carry.
    It is easier than it sounds! The secret lies in combinations. Try combinations that you have not tried before. It is a great way to come up with a unique fashion statement, creating a signature look that only you have. And if you are short on options, there’s always a store nearby!

  6. Don’t forget to be spontaneous
    Putting in thought about how you look is a good thing; putting in too much thought, is not. Whatever dress you choose to wear, it should come to you spontaneously. Picking out your best-looking clothes for a night out at a bowling alley is not a wise choice.

Keep in mind the occasion you are attending. And try not to overdress, after all, you are there to have fun. Keep yourself safe, wear something that you are comfortable in, and spend quality time with the people you are with. That is the best advice you can get!

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