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6 Things to Know Before Shopping Prada

Luxury brands have always been big on preserving the brand value of their product. Prada was one of the first brands to start this trend; they don’t water down their prices to be able to sell a larger volume of goods. The lowest-priced item they have is their perfumes. This allows you to experience the brand and yet not break bank. What can we say, Prada doesn’t need the bulk!

Prada is so big that it was once the official supplier of leather to the Italian royal family. There are currently around 700 stores that the brand has under its management. And if you are planning upon walking into any one of them, then there are a few things that you should know before you shop.

  1. Prada does not sell its clothing online
    You can find accessories and fragrances online but you will never find ready-to-wear clothing from Prada being sold online. Even on its website, Prada does not offer its ready-to-wear collection. You will have to visit a physical outlet to check out its clothing. Part of the reason for this measure is a marketing decision to retain the exclusivity of the brand.

    More than two-thirds of the total volume of merchandise is sold through brick and mortar stores. It is a simple mind game that has proved to be highly effective, Prada is not easily available. And judging by the sales volume, the game is certainly working in favor of Prada. It continues to be one of the top-selling brands.

  2. No logos on the merchandise
    One of the areas where Prada stands apart from its competitors is the use of logos on its products. You will not find any prominent logo of the brand on its products. Those who are familiar with the work and craftsmanship of the brand will be able to identify the brand by its distinctive style.

    The customers of the brand are true connoisseurs of luxury fashion, and Prada prides itself on its art like products. On close observation, you will notice the upside-down triangle that is the mark of the brand, though this strategy has also kept Prada limited to a select clientele. Many people believe that if you are paying designer prices, then you should be able to have something (a brand logo on the product) to show for it.

  3. Vivid colors and bright patterns
    Prada is big on opulence and that is evident in most of its products. Most of its inventory and product designs are greatly inspired by the personal preferences of Miuccia Prada herself. She has admitted to greatly involving her taste in designing new products for the brand. Nowhere is this more evident than in Prada’s annual show collection. A number of models sport beautifully designed and printed footwear. Such products are of special appeal to shoppers young at heart.

  4. Expensive products but totally worth it
    It is no secret that Prada is one of the costliest brands around. But it is not without reason that the brand charges such high prices from its clientele. Those who buy the brand product swear by its quality. Prada products do not wear away easily; they will easily last for years to come. The soft yet sturdy leather never truly goes out of fashion. You are not just paying for the name of the brand; you are also getting a product that is immediately recognizable as high couture.

  5. A brand that is more than 100 years old
    Prada did not rise to the heights of couture right from its inception. It was founded over a hundred years ago as Fratelli Prada by two brothers. After their death, their two daughters, Luisa and Nanda took over the brand, and it was under their management and guidance that the brand rose to its present-day prominence. Years later, Miuccia took over from her mother Luisa and began transforming the brand into a hub oh high fashion.

Prada began its journey as a brand that traded solely in leather. Over the years, it channeled its resources into expansion, which resulted in the formation of Prada as a luxury clothing brand. When you are buying Prada, you are also buying a part of a legacy that is more than a century old.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - 6 Things to Know Before Shopping Prada
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