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How to build a positive image at work?

Whether you work as a member of a big team or you hold a leadership role in your company, whichever your situation is, taking care of your image and the relationships with your colleagues will not only help your productivity at work but will also set the ground to a healthy daily life.

Having to interact with a variety of personalities and people that many times are not pleasant to talk to, is not easy for everyone. In some cases, people may even consider leaving their jobs due to their difficulty in creating a nice profile, while at the same time there are numerous tricks to help yourself enjoy the positive results of a good working environment.

Some people seem to realize what they have to do and how to adjust without anyone having to explain that to them. However, there are a few people who need some advice on this matter. Here are some simple things you can focus on to help the company’s community respect.

  1. Pay attention to the details
    The place you work is a place where people have the chance to see only some parts of your personality. If you are expecting someone to trust you and like you simply think of how you would react to other people’s approach to you. Starting with some simple stuff we would advise you to take care of the way you dress. For women, provocative dressing is probably frowned upon. Don’t confuse supporting your choices and taste with dressing provocatively to get people to like you.

    Be Positive

    This may have helped a few people, but no serious company or colleagues will trust people who show signs of unreliability. A neat appearance is what we simply encourage for both men and women.  If you want to underline the first good impression take care of your body language as well. Straight posture will help you pass the message that you are available for others and you are enthusiastic about your work.

  2. Show how you evaluate the company and your work
    While in the beginning, it may seem difficult to make friends from work at some point you will find yourself having a drink with a colleague after work or inviting them to a Sunday barbeque. Socializing with people from work will eventually lead to building relationships with them, which is great. Keep in mind that these people are still your colleagues and do not rush to cross the line with them. Do not gossip for no reason.

    Even though people may feel more comfortable with you initially, they will soon understand that they are risking becoming a subject of commentary in the future. On the contrary, you should praise your work without having to show off. Just let everyone understand that you feel secure about your position, while at the same time you appreciate your working team and the company’s achievements.

  3. Be open, teach and learn
    Being open has many sides, it means being willing to help, learn, and be criticized The easiest way to approach your co-workers in a friendly way is to make it clear that you are willing to help them. You don’t need to point out their inadequacies, just make sure they get the point that you are there for them.

    Besides, that is what defines a team player. In addition, your colleagues may also feel the need to advise you regarding the work, especially if you are new to the team. The same way you want to help, they may want to help you too. Don’t take that as a source of criticism or a negative vibe, just learn from them as you learn on your own and you can later share this knowledge altogether. Building an overall positive atmosphere around you will help people relax and trust you.

  4. Be consistent
    Again the world holds a lot of interpretations. First of all, you have to be consistent when it comes to time. Don’t go late for work especially if you are not willing to stay a little longer to finish things that are your responsibility. Be aware of your role and what people expect from you. No one likes to wait when they have a tight deadline and once more this works both ways. If you want people to deliver your projects on time, you should do the same for them.

    Consistently Inconsistent

    Being friends with people or developing relationships is great as long as you don’t sacrifice the quality of your work. Your skills will be evaluated at the end of the month or the semester so there is no need to act as if you didn’t know. So, go that extra mile to cover the company’s needs and help people understand that they can trust you.

Written by Anna Siampani.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - How to build a positive image at work?
Anna Siampani
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