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Remarketing is Helping eCommerce Brands Like Vavoom Vodka Compete

Luke Battiloro
Luke Battiloro

For startups and small ecommerce businesses selling products or services online, remarketing is emerging as a cost-effective alternative to digital advertising. With less upfront advertising investment required and quicker start-up times, remarketing is helping small businesses compete with more established digital brands this holiday season. Luke Battiloro, the founder of ecommerce spirits brand Vavoom Vodka, has used remarketing successfully to launch and build his company in the hyper competitive beverage industry. His new brand is both changing consumer behaviors by selling online-only, straight to the consumer in the predominately retail sector and competing against some of the biggest names in the industry.

Remarketing is a form of digital advertising that connects customers to brands based on their movements across the internet. Using it, brands reach directly to customers who have visited the company’s website or mobile app in the past and remind them about the product. Battiloro describes it as training the brain to gravitate toward specific brands, products, or companies through the remarketing of products across the digital space. “It’s very subconscious, and it’s good to keep the product you’re selling on the mind of your clients without pushing too hard,” he says.

Battiloro is an entrepreneur who has worn many hats during his career in diverse industries, from production and engineering to design and marketing. His background in web design, business marketing and ecommerce helped him grow Vavoom Vodka from the ground up, using remarketing as an effective digital tool. His vodka is a gluten-free, five times distilled premium spirit featuring a unique bottle handcrafted in Milan that he designed himself. The brand’s extensive distilling process both softens the flavor of the premium liquor and creates a smooth aftertaste.

Remarketing is a data-driven strategy that uses information collected from tracking customer behaviors across your website to build remarketing campaigns targeted towards specific high-yield customer sets. To hyper-focus your ad spend, you can create specific use cases. For example, a customer who added a product to their online shopping card but didn’t complete the purchase.

Vavoom Vodka has also used video remarketing effectively, serving ads to customers who have interacted with the brand’s YouTube channel. This targeted remarketing method helps reduce overall marketing spend by tracking and improving results. “For companies new on the scene, introducing new products, or building brand loyalty over time, remarketing offers the chance to keep your company fresh in the mind of online shoppers across different channels and from desktop to mobile,” said Battiloro.

Remarketing is emerging as a powerful ecommerce tool that businesses like Vavoom Vodka are using to bring in new customers and re-engage current ones. As the holiday shopping season ignites, brands that are using remarketing well will save money on advertising and strengthen brand engagement with customers. With a significantly cheaper price tag than other forms of online advertising and digital marketing, it can be more cost-effective for companies new to the game or with tighter ad budgets. Battiloro recommends the use of remarketing as an early strategy for companies looking to grow their customer base and build their brand before turning to a more diverse combination of digital advertising and remarketing.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Remarketing is Helping eCommerce Brands Like Vavoom Vodka Compete
Alexandra Dimitropoulou

Alexandra Dimitropoulou

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