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Top 10 Most Well-Paid Jobs in The US for 2021

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Some jobs give the opportunity for individuals to earn more money than some others. If you are a student and you can’t decide which field to choose for your future vocational rehabilitation or a professional who wants to change job then you can have look at the list below with the ten most well-paid jobs in the US for 2021. Lawyers, Actuaries and Mathematicians, and Statisticians complete the top 3 most well-paid jobs in the US for 2021.

  1. Lawyers
    The estimated amount of money that lawyers receive annually is more than 122.000 dollars. Working as a lawyer in the US is a very appealing job, promising a successful career. Usually, trial lawyers are among the highest-paid legal professionals. Richard Scruggs, a former trial lawyer has the reputation of the highest-paid lawyer in the US with net worth earnings of 1,7 billion dollars.

  2. Actuaries
    Actuaries usually gain more than 100.000 dollars per year. This labor sector is about to grow 20% in the coming years, showing a much faster rise compared with other jobs. People who are interested in becoming an actuary most first get a three-year undergraduate actuarial science degree and then apply to a professional body and pass the needed certification exams.
  3. Mathematicians and Statisticians
    Mathematicians and Statisticians gain about 92.000 dollars annually. However, some statisticians may earn more than 140.000 dollars per year. The demand for mathematicians and statisticians in the labor market is said to grow more than 30% in the coming years in the US.

  4. Operations Research Analysts
    Operations Research Analysts earn about 84.000 dollars per year. This is another sector that is going to grow faster in the coming years compared with other occupations. As technology advances the demand for operations research analysts is going to rise over and over. At the labor market are preferred individuals with a Master’s degree.

  5. Financial Analysts
    The estimated amount of money that financial analysts receive annually is more than 81.000 dollars. Individuals who are interested in following a career as a financial analyst must get a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or Finance. Also, at this time that social distancing measures are implemented due to Covid – 19, financial analysts can work from home.
  6. Post-secondary Teachers
    Post-secondary teachers earn almost 80.000 dollars per year. The most in-demand teaching subjects are mathematics and science.

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  7. Budget Analysts
    The estimated amount of money that financial analysts receive annually is more than 76.000 dollars. Budget analysts usually work at government agencies, universities, and companies. Individuals interested in becoming a budget analyst must hold a Bachelor’s degree. Popular majors for this career field include accounting, business, economics, and finance. Some budget analysts hold a degree in other fields, such as statistics, public administration, or political science.

  8. Urban and Regional Planners
    More than 74.000 dollars earn Urban and Regional Planners per year in the US. The demand for employees in this labor sector is about to grow 10% in the coming years. Historic buildings inspector/conservation officer, Housing manager/officer, Local government officer, Town planner, Transport planner, and Urban designer are some of the jobs related to this sector.

  9. Market Research Analysts
    Market Research Analysts earn almost 63.000 dollars per year in the US. The demand for market research analysts is expected to grow 19% over the next 10 years. Individuals can either work as Brand Managers, Media Buyers, Meeting, Convention and Event Planners, Chief Marketing Officers, and Promotions Managers.

  10. Survey Researchers
    Lastly, Survey Researchers earn almost 60.000 dollars per year. Survey researchers usually must have a master’s degree in a variety of fields, including marketing or survey research, statistics, and the social sciences. In some cases, a bachelor’s degree is sufficient for some entry-level positions.

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