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Best High Schools New York for 2021

New York is one of the world’s most developed cities. Fondly called the Big Apple, the city is known for producing masterpieces in all means. Home to over some billion students, the ethnic and cultural diversity of New York makes it one of the renowned cities in the world.

With each New York boroughs having some of the famous high schools, students enrolling themselves are bound to receive global exposure instantly. Here in this blog below, we have listed out some of the top-notch schools present in the city. These educational institutes have managed to remain the top choice of students for some time now and all for the right reasons.  Let us check why and how.

  1. Townsend Harris High School:
    Townsend Harris School is one of the renowned public schools in New York City. The school comprises of dedicated and hardworking teachers who foster a love for learning. Refounded in 1984, the educational institute makes sure that students achieve their full potential and become articulate and responsible adults. While the rigorous curriculum helps students achieve excellence in education, an intellectual program promotes creative thinking. In short, Townsend Harris High School prepares students to become lifelong learners and contribute to the world.

    Townsend Harris High School

  2. Staten Island Technical High School:
    The Staten island technical high school is also commonly called SITHS. The school was founded in 1988 and has since then placed a high priority on academics to build a child’s future. Almost all the courses in the school are taught in Honors and Advanced Placement level which helps in cultivating innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity. At SITHS a student gets global exposure through classroom activities, clubs, and learning opportunities. With an aim towards improving student involvement, high school is best for giving your child an overall development.
  3. Brooklyn Latin School:
    Located in the neighborhood of Bushwick Brooklyn Latin School is considered one of the top schools in New York City. The school features a liberal curriculum where the prime focus on Arts. One of the prime aspects that differentiate the institute from others is its mission statement. Brooklyn Latin School helps students to “Write”, “Speak”, and “Communicate” which helps students to become world leaders in the near future. The overall student-teacher ratio in the school is 17:1 and approximately 500 students are accepted in the school on annual basis. With academic empowerment running in its core, Brooklyn High School earns the reputation of being a top educational institute.
  4. Bronx High School of Science:
    The Bronx High School of Science is located on West 205th Street. Touted as one of the best high schools in New York, there are over 3,000 students who are supported by an actively involved parents association. Founded in 1938 Bronx High School has a curriculum that produces ethical, intellectual, and culturally diverse students. With an aim to promote academic excellence, the educational institute emphasizes overall student development. All these and many more make high school one of the best to achieve a higher degree of education.
    Bronx High School of Science
  5. Stuyvesant High School:
    The Stuyvesant High School is located within walking distance from the World Trade Center. Counted among the eight specialized schools in New York, Stuyvesant focuses on academics, technology and thus caters to students. The school has been a symbol of excellence for many decades now due to its dedication to educational excellence. With a goal to instill intellectual, moral, and humanistic values, the school also helps a child to reach its maximum potential easily. Apart from education, candidates also get global exposure which helps them forge ahead in the career easily.
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