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Things to Look in A Creative Director in Fashion

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Surely, you must have heard about creative directors in the fashion industry. Let me tell you this, they are inseparable to the industry. But, do you know what they do? To put it in simple words, a creative director provides a vision to the brand or project he is a part of. He assists in ensuring that whatever is being designed for the brand or provided in the magazine are in alignment with the creative aim. From supervising the advertising campaign to prints in magazines, he takes care of all the visual elements of the brand or project he is associated with.

You must have developed an idea about how much work these people end up doing. This means you cannot simply become one of them just because you have a degree in fashion. There is a skillset which companies look into to hire creative directors, and we are going to talk about it here. Stay with us and find out what those 6 things are which a creative director must-have.

  1. Think Differently
    Vague as it may sound, this is a prime consideration. You cannot be a creative director if you lack creativity. What I mean is, if you cannot create something new for the brand or magazine, then you are not doing things right. Merely copying from other brands will reflect poorly on your credentials. You have to instill a new vibe in your brand or magazine. Let people know what defines your brand or magazine; why it is different from others.

    Fashion Shows Fashion Runway catwalk Fashion ramp

  2. Ability to communicate ideas
    Your brain is a factory of ideas. But, nobody comes with an x-ray ability to read your mind and understand your ideas. You will have to translate your thoughts into words and visual aid. Draw out your creative idea or write about it to your team. Or, express it in terms that are comprehensible and directional. Always consider that you are part of a team and you can only be a team player if your thoughts resonate with others.  The art of effective communication is a nurtured skill; work on it if you want your creativity to be properly understood.

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  3. Be a Leader
    Many decisions in the industry are tough. There may be people who wouldn’t like your designs and approach; your teammates may not want to go about a certain way concerning, say, a photoshoot. However, you are the leader. It is your responsibility to make the right decision. Address the concerns of everyone but ultimately decide what you think is best for the brand. If you falter in quick, assertive decision-making and fail to lead your team and the brand in a directed manner, you fail as a creative director.

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  4. Possessing Technical Skills
    Today, fashion designing has embraced technology at a rapid pace. It is expected from those a part of this industry to be well-equipped with technological advancements. A creative director is expected to know graphic designing, use of different fashion-related software, and have adaptability towards changes in technology. You have to go beyond the conventional pen and pencil methods. The more you are inclined towards the use of technology, the better it is for you.

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  5. Networking
    Of course, you won’t go anywhere without the element of networking in the fashion industry. Because you are responsible for leading the creative vision of the project, you are required to meet and discuss various things with all kinds of people. From roping in models and discussing their remuneration to advertising projects, there remains a whole universe of people you will have to talk to. There, networking will make things easier. If you have friends in the industry, things become smoother. Hence, go to social parties, attend seminars, organize workshops, attend fashion shows, and expand your presence on social media to connect to the world better.

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  6. Determination and resilience
    The job of a creative director is extremely important for the future of the project. He is tasked with responsibilities to raise the reputation of the brand. Honestly, he babysits the brand. He takes care of everything there is to ensure that the brand is developing along a determined track. Hence, you cannot do without resilience and determination. You will inevitably face the ups and downs in the industry but if have the determination and resolution to not give up, you will be just fine!

    Fashion Shows Fashion Runway catwalk Fashion ramp

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