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6 Things to Know If You Want To Prepare For Your Fashion Design Course Rightly

Congratulations on getting accepted to a fashion design course! Things are about to get interesting as you officially enter into one of the most creative fields out there. Of course, you should take your time in adjusting to the new life but must also utilize this time to understand what exactly is in store for you at a fashion design school. How well you are able to adjust to the new environment depends on how well you consider some extremely important aspects of college life.

Starting a fashion school means starting a whole new life. You cannot walk into it without any preparation or, at least, knowledge about what you should be ready for. Here, I am going to be of some help to you. There are a few things I have written down below that will surely help you have a better experience while you prepare for your fashion design course rightly.

Here are those 6 things to know!

  1. You are not the only one
    You may have been the star student in your school, but that does not mean you will always be the only star wherever you are. A lot of fresh entrants in universities carry that kind of attitude, thinking that they are the only ones who matter. Well, self-worth is one thing; arrogance is another. A fashion design school is a hotspot of creativity. Talented peers from all over the world have made it there just like you have, and they will serve as your competition encouraging you to work harder and better. Instead of getting offended or frightened by this, you must take all of this positively and accept that there are many talented people around you. Everyone offers a lesson!
  2. Networking
    You must develop a socially-inclined temperament because networking will take you places in the fashion industry. Even though it may seem like a little too early to begin networking, it is not. You must talk to your peers and seniors so that you get a good hang of what to and what not to expect in college and beyond. Seniors will, especially, give you a good idea of how to handle the coursework, where to apply for internships, how to build a good resume, and whatnot. Peers, on the other hand, can also be resourceful. Their presence should motivate you to take your time here seriously.
  3. Stay Updated with What’s Happening
    Fashion school is abuzz with events all the time. A lot of opportunities will come your way, and you must keep yourself updated about them. Subscribe to college newsletter, join clubs, check event-based websites daily, and ask your peers from time to time whether there is anything you should know. This is, especially, important when internships are in question. Keep your eyes and ears open so that you do not miss important details.
  4. Focus on the quality of internships
    It is quite normal for students to apply for any and all kinds of internship opportunities available out there. While doing so, they often compromise with the quality of their experiences. At the end of the day, the quality of the internship matters more than the quantity. Always look for internships with those organizations with either a longstanding reputation or a promising future. To know whether a particular organization fits in either case, you will have to undertake thorough research. You can look up on the Internet as well as talk to your seniors and professors about it. Only after having extracted all the necessary information, you should consider whether you should apply to a particular internship.
  5. Work on your software skills
    Just like every other stream, fashion designing has adopted and will continue to progressively adopt technological changes. Software skills are becoming increasingly important, and employers often prefer those with a knack for using various fashion-related tools such as Adobe Illustrator. You may not have chosen graphic designing, but there is no harm in earning extra credits in your life.Many online courses are available that teach the use of graphic design software at reasonable prices. However, it is likely that your university would provide a course on it, if not core but certainly as an elective.
  6. Social media
    There is a ridiculous amount of knowledge you can get from social media. It is not just about adding friends to your account and sharing memes. Most fashion icons, magazines, organizations have their handles on social media where they promote fashion in one way or another. They can be great sources of inspiration and can help you hone your creativity paradigm and learn what you don’t know. Textbook knowledge would not take you far unless you are conscious of what is actually going in and around the fashion industry.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - 6 Things to Know If You Want To Prepare For Your Fashion Design Course Rightly
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