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Best Day Trips Ideas From Los Angeles During COVID-19

Joshua Tree National Park

Covid-19 presents an unexpected increase in all of the world’s big city-centers. The United States still suffers a great deal from the deadly virus. Even though the predictions for the upcoming vaccines are encouraging there are specific protocols that pharmaceutical companies have to follow that delay the vaccines from coming out on the market for us to use. Doctors point out the significance of our responsibility regarding this issue. After all, we have to do what we can to protect ourselves. All in all, this seems to be like something that will keep us busy for a while. In the meantime, everyone wants to enjoy life and have the chance to escape the stress of the big cities and the working environment. In this article, we provide some suggestions on how to move outside Los Angeles in order to avoid crowds. You can check places where you can both relax and enjoy and maybe places that you hadn’t had the chance to visit in the past.

  1. The Joshua Tree National Park
    Most of our suggestions include a visit to nature to avoid crowds. One of them is Joshua Tree National Park, or in other words ”the place where two desserts meet”. Mojave and Colorado deserts are both significant ecosystems as well and a visit to their ”border”, Joshua Tree National Park surely compensates people who decided to take the time and visit the place.

    Joshua Tree National Park

    Along with the rare animal life, in the desert, you will always find something that no other place in the world can give you: Peace. The sky that roofs the desert is deep blue, completely clean, and with an almost terrifying absence of clouds and humidity. If you are fond of adventure you can also book a private tour in the park with a guide who speaks your language.

  2. Santa Catalina Island
    This is the case where you have to step a foot on the ferry to visit. Bison, foxes, and eagles will be pointed out by your tour guide if you decide to do the Bison-Expedition which lasts for about two hours. An amazing story about the island is that the 150 wild buffalos that live on the island are a result of a movie production that took place in the 1920s.

    Santa Catalina Island

    Apparently, as the crew left them there they managed to survive and become a part of the ecosystem. Keep in mind that Avalon town, the place where the ferry will take you, used to host Hollywood production in the past. The place is also recommended for parasailing and if you enjoy heights maybe you wanna try the experience at the beautiful island of Catalina.

  3. Paso Robles
    For the art lovers, we have to propose the Field of Light at Sensorio. It is an installation of the renowned artist named Bruce Munro, who has created a walkthrough with solar-powered lights that look like actual digital flowers. Sensorial is many times sold out, so you have to book your spot on time.

    Paso Robles

    Besides the installation, Paso Robles has a great wine tradition as many places in California and it is almost halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The Paso Robles Wine Festival is in May, while the Zinfandel Festival is in March. Both events are associated with wine and are an annual thing.

  4. Balboa Park
    Balboa Park is in San Diego and only two hours from Los Angeles. In the Park, you will have the opportunity to go to the San Diego Zoo, which is a terrific option especially if you have kids.

    Balboa Park

    A visit to the Park’s website will convince you to take action and drive your way to San Diego. Balboa Park is mainly a cultural center but it is hosted in a lovely scenery of nature. There are performing arts venues, and 16 museums! The total extent of the place is 1,200 acres leaving no space for any doubts that your visit there will worth every penny.

  5. Highway 1 Discovery Route
    The famous Highway 1 Discovery Route is amazing for a road trip where you can take a glimpse of all of the uncrowded beaches along the way, and decide where you want to stop to view the scenery, swim, have a small picnic, or dine in one of the luxurious restaurants you will meet on your way.

    California's Highway 1 Discovery Route

    Must-see is the Big Sur and at the same time, there are two lighthouses and five piers all of which have a historic significance. Monarch butterflies are a phenomenal attraction between October and November and wine tasting in Los Olivos town seems like something that you can do. From Monterey Bay to Ventura we assure you that Highway 1 Discovery Route is a masterpiece.

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