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Best Tools for Project-based Learning for Virtual Learning

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Project-based tools are really helpful in enhancing collaborative and learning experiences among people. They come in various forms and with various features all of which aimed at ensuring that we are able to effectively communicate, share, and update information as a team. Today, you will come across a wide range of such options offering these facilities, but the question is which ones are better than the most. For that, there are numerous reviews and comments to explore on the Internet. However, you know as well as I do, the Internet has too much of everything. So, let us begin with something short and to-the-point.

Based on the overall features, performance, expert rating, and general public feedback, I have compiled a list of project-based tools that contribute immensely to online learning. These are not ordered in any hierarchy but are critically acclaimed. So, let us take a look at 5 of these tools.

  1. Animoto
    Having personally used Animoto, I can vouch for its easy-to-use interface and myriad features that can dramatically improve your visual presentation to the class. What Animoto does is add creativity to your education videos. It comes with a wonderful array of templates to choose from, options to add music, customize videos according to your needs, and whatnot. You can upload videos in the database and share them with anyone you want to. Animoto offers a go-to solution to anyone who wants to make their classes or learning experience more engaging and visually stimulating.
  2. Google Drive
    Nobody can deny the accessibility and convenience which Google Drive has to offer. All of us have most likely used Google Drive at least once in life, and most of you must have found it to be a great cloud storage service. Google Drive develops a space for uploading, storing, and sharing data with anyone in the world. You can simply upload documents, videos, or images on the drive, share the link to your students, and they will be able to have access. However, you can modify permissions to read-only to avoid any undue changes. The idea is to keep the information coming and not be stifled by conventional barriers. If you want all your students’ projects in one place, Google Drive is the place—this is one of the many ways you can enhance the collaborative experience.
  3. Glogster
    How many times do we end up searching for a good multimedia tool? Well, look no further because Glogster is an option you would come back to over and over. It is one of the most inventive tools out there and allows a brilliant platform for developing digital posters and other projects. You can test the many templates that the platform has to offer and use them howsoever you want. In your posters, you can add images, videos, text, and audio. This can be of great utility for improving the aesthetic appeal of your presentation. Once you start exploring its giveaways, you will be surprised. It has more than 10,000 original digital elements to offer.
  4. Google Classroom
    Another fantastic product of Google which keeps getting better and better with every update is Google Classroom. Ideal for online classes, there are tons of things to do using Google Classroom. Its features include almost everything you might need to smoothly conduct an online class: setting-up classrooms, developing and editing of assignments, creating of time table, screen sharing, sharing videos, documents and images to students, integrating third-party apps, offering different grading schemes, posting announcements, and generating originality report. The list of features is long, and you will have to use the platform to fully appreciate its potential. Today, it is among the most commonly used educational platforms in the world.
  5. Padlet
    Padlet offers a regulated learning environment and is essentially a brainstorming platform. It brings together students to customized sessions aimed at discussions. The quality of engagement is accentuated by many features such as sharing links or adding visual aids. You can even create book review sessions here, inviting students to join and offer their comments on the same. There is also an option to update your profile and highlight your project-based achievements. Other things include creating walls for announcing major events, posting assignments, and accessing a superbly simple interface.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Business Transformation - Best Tools for Project-based Learning for Virtual Learning
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