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5 Tips to Digitally Market Luxury fashion to the World

Digital marketing has revolutionized the world of marketing. The 21st century has given way to a well-connected, all-encompassing network of people capable of being reached through the virtual world. The fashion industry, too, understood the massive potential of digitalization on its development, and hence, today, digital marketing is indispensable to its survival. Luxury fashion, which caters to a narrow consumer base, is a costly affair and marketing is extremely important for its sustenance. Fashion designers across the globe invest millions into promoting their high cost-incurring works through all forms of digital platforms available to enhance consumer reach.

Digital marketing is methodical and you have to, especially, take care of it when luxury fashion is your area. There are, however, certain basic things you must know about for formulating your marketing strategy. You might want to read up this article just in case you are interested to know about these basic tips.

Here are 5 tips to ensure that luxury fashion is digitally marketed the right way:-

  1. Targeting the right customers
    Luxury brands are required to have a profound understanding of their target audience. They should segment their online audience effectively based on their needs while filtering out unwanted traffic. For instance, they can use Facebook ads for this purpose which is one of the best tools available to give effect to meticulous segmentation. Luxury brands can target audiences based on various aspects such as their age, gender, locality, income, workplace, brand choices, music taste, etc to name a few. Through this method, their brand visibility will reach the correct audience by flashing them with ads, and it will continuously be on the watch list of the targeted traffic.
  2. Exclusivity and Loyalty
    A luxury brand should emphasize its ‘luxury’ aspect more than anything else. This is what distinguishes a luxury brand from regular brands, and the same should be maintained on the online platform as well. They should retain the interest of their valuable customers who have availed their products and services through email, digital perks, and rewards. They can add such members to their premium clubs and provide exclusive treatment by timely intimating about their new collections or extending invitations to participate in their special events etc. You must take care of loyal customers because they will be critical to your campaigning strategy.
  3. Easy user navigation and functionality
    Easy user navigation and good functionality are important aspects of digital marketing often ignored by many luxury brands which only focus on embellishing their websites. However, the truth is that nobody likes it when the website of a brand is not user-friendly. A website that is difficult to operate, loads sluggishly, or is inconvenient to navigate can get on the nerves of anybody and can make a user’s chance to return to the website almost nil.  An ideal website of a luxury brand should thus be stylish as well as easy to use; only then it can leave an everlasting impression on its users.
  4. Collaborate with popular fashion Influencers
    Fashion influencers are people who are followed by a massive crowd on social media for their classic fashion sense. They are admired by their huge number of followers and influence the fashion choices of these followers. Thus, if a renowned fashion influencer or a fashion blogger promotes a luxury brand’s product on their social media handles, then you shall be able to effectively reach a diverse audience base without having to invest too much of your time and energy. You need to tap the influential position of these individuals and promote your works.
  5. Personal touch
    A personal narrative for a luxury brand has the quality of immediately connecting with the people—and the digital platform gets fired up when such narratives are offered. When a luxury brand narrates its story on social media platforms as to how the brand came into existence or what prompted it to launch a particular product, the brand immediately garners digital attention. Making people aware of the story behind the brand and its products also educates them on the values that a luxury brand is associated with. The point is to make people believe that the brand is there because it understands what people need, and that it is working hard to ensure that people get what they deserve. I’d say, a little drama does no harm.

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