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Find The Best Day Trips Across Europe, 2021

Tired of spending your weekends in the city? Sounds normal. Europe is a continent that carries a lot of history together with Asia. The area has been a center of trade and civilization over the centuries adding a unique and exciting note to the whole scenery of Europe. It is a shame to be in Europe and not take the time to make a short trip to the near sights around you.

Right now lockdowns, make it hard for everyone to move and this is why we suggest going somewhere close. Avoid airplanes and the insecurity of a possible cancellation of your flight and a mandatory quarantine when you return home and try more accessible destinations. A day trip does not even require you to make your luggage.

To be honest, we suggest you only take a handbag and feel free to explore the beauty of the surroundings. In this article, we collected some of the best destinations to relax from the stress of big cities in Europe, enjoy!

  1. From Paris
    The Palace of Versaille until the French Revolution has been housing France’s king families. Over 10 million people per year visit the outstanding Palace to admire the architecture of the buildings and see take a glimpse of the lives of kings and queens back in the past. The surrounding gardens provide a peaceful scenery adding a note of elegance to the total experience. The Palace is only 20 km from Paris and there is plenty of transportation and guided tours available.

    Another chic option would be the Chateau de Chantilly, which is an hour’s drive from the center and is located in an 8,000 hectares forest. Again the French Revolution had its impact on the chateau and it had to be restored after serious damage in the building. Both recommendations are in the same direction and this is only because we do not want you to miss France’s best treasures.
  2. From Rome
    The city is like an outside museum full of marble sculptures from the Roman Empire. Buildings are mostly made of marble and the whole city has a white note, which basically has to do with the marble they use for their structures. It is very atmospheric and has plenty of options for coffee and wine, where you can get warm.
    It is also a relatively quiet city, that will help you relax even more. Vatican city is our next recommendation for people who want to see something more apart from the capital of Italy. It is considered to be a highlight and a rather popular destination for Christians and art lovers since it houses Michael Angelo’s famous ”The last Judgement” in Sistine Chapel. Both places are a must-see and they are not expected to be overcrowded during the Covid-19 era.
  3. From Berlin
    If you are in central Europe we assume that destination recommendation close to Berlin, the capital of Germany will be welcomed. We propose a visit to the Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam, which is quite close to Berlin.
    The whole city is lovely and there is also a Chinese teahouse. Germany is not famous for its architecture and therefore we guess you will adore Potsdam and specifically Sanssouci Palace. Dresden is another city you can visit. This is a little further about two hours from Berlin but it is worth the time. The city reminds something of the rest of Europe’s luxury. If you make it to Dresden you have to go to the Old Town, the Old Market, the Theaterplatz main square, the Schlossplatz main square, and the August Bridge.
  4. From Stockholm
    For those who happen to be in Scandinavia, we have selected the surroundings of Stockholm in Sweden. First, check out the Stockholm Archipelago in the Baltic Sea. Among the waters of this Archipelago, there are 24,000 islands with birds and a unique ecosystem of the upper part of Europe.

    The Stockholm Archipelago is a terrific chance to combine your trip with a boat experience giving you a sense of real vacation. In case you don’t want to miss the comfort of land we propose you go to Sigtuna, which is a small city of 800 people. Last but not least, when you pay a visit to this lovely town, go also to the ruins of St Olof Church!

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