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See The Best Online Auction Websites, 2021

Online Auction

Auctions have been for a while in humanity’s history. The reason? Well, we assume mostly because they are super exciting. Some people achieve the same amount of excitement by doing sky-diving or any kind of dangerous sports. So, if you think about it, auctions are a safe environment to have some fun. Kidding aside, for some people it is also a countable source of income since they deal with them to trade the objects on retail.

People who own stores, especially collective objects’ stores are very likely to join some of the auctions around the world. Obviously, in a world of technology and with lockdowns being a natural turn of events we would rather focus on the online sites where you can raise your adrenaline in the comfort of your couch. Whatever the deal is for you, make sure you will have to spend some time and money on this ”hobby”, so you would rather know which sites to visit. For your convenience, we have selected some of the most popular online auctions to have a look at.

  1. For art
    Since we decided to talk about auctions let us start with the most sophisticated sector for auctions, which is art. Artbase is probably the most famous site for auctions associated with art that has been for over 25 years on the map connecting over 1,000 galleries, museums, and studios. They demand an entry fee of $1,500 to join them as a business and this helps the site keep their high standards. To get an idea, some of their partners are Avalara, Artsy, Vastari, and Art Market Monitor. On the other hand, if you are an enthusiast of Asian art we highly recommend Fuji Arts. Fuji arts provide the highest volume of Japanese art and they are relatively low-cost shipping which is of course free for orders higher than $3,000, whether it is domestic or international.
  2. For cars
    When you buy a car from an auction most of the time there is a fee on the bidded price from around $100-$1,000 depending on the price, or a 5% of the buy price. Auto Auction Mall is the largest database of new and used cars. Professional dealers and simple buyers visit the site and make an offer or sell their cars. Even though most of the time it is the dealers that enter the vehicles in the auction, it is quite possible that they also sometimes buy. The site operates all over the world and all users emphasize how easy it is to bid in an auction of that site. Copart is the best option if you focus on clean title, salvage vehicles and it is also a well-reviewed site.
  3. For jewelry
    Jewelryroom specializes in more expensive quality items. They provide a listing price and the current bid, making it easier for you to see how much you save. Their items are often coming from liquidations from people who are in need and this is why it is so common to find gold pieces. Visiting their site could be considered as an investment for some people. In any case, you will definitely make a profit whether you keep the items for yourself, give them to your beloved ones, or sell them to other people. eBay also has an interesting section dedicated to diamonds, but we consider this to be more of a risky move. If you want to go to something that high-priced maybe you prefer to check the jewelry on your own.
  4. For electronics
    Again eBay should be one of your choices and for sure the first site that pops into your mind. Think about it, someone who wants to sell something as common as electronics would first address to eBay, because he can find thousands of possible buyers who are willing to bid on the platform. Auction Nation is also very popular. Americans are familiar with it because it is based in the United States. The site associates with vehicles, estate auctions, and estate sales They are very updated and they have connections with people all across the nation bringing you some of the best opportunities on the table. They also provide business liquidations and along with the electronics section, a new starter can find everything they need for their new business.

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