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Corporate Executive Style: A Wish List of Top 5 Classic Bags

Faye bag by Chloè

Ever wondered what it feels like to carry something that is often spotted on Princess Diana or Angelina Jolie or Rihanna! Yes! I am talking about those coveted classic designer bags! If you want to own a piece of luxury that is sure to make heads turn around, then a classic designer bag would just be a perfect pick for you. A classic bag is unique, incredible, and something that you’d call a stunner. In addition to being an instant booster to a woman’s style quotient, a classic designer bag is a valuable and long-lasting investment.

Splurging on some of the best bags is a guilty pleasure for many. They are enough to perk up any woman and effortlessly make your outfit and personality stand apart from the rest. No wonder these bags are such a rage. They are worth every penny! You can get them as well, provided you buy those which have a stellar reputation in being the best out there. Read along, and you will know what those are.

Corporate Executive Style: here is my list of top 5 classic bags that are on everyone’s wishlist!

  1. 2.55 bag by Chanel
    The luxury brand Chanel has always been a trendsetter, and its 2.55 bag has extraordinarily lived up to its reputation. Note the name of the bag—the unforgettable ‘2.55’—and know that it represents the date on which it was launched: the second month of the year 1955. The bag’s quilted designs have always been the talk of the luxury town. The pure lambskin used along with the perfect shape and size of the quilts makes the bag exceptionally appealing for every bag lover.
    2.55 bag by Chanel
    If you have any doubts, then know this: it is said that each Chanel bag goes through 180 stages before the final product is ready to go in the luxury market, and this nothing less than astonishing. This itself speaks of the flawless quality that the brand has to offer.
  2. Bottega Veneta Pouch
    If I were to name a bag that has swept away the fashion industry in the year 2019, then it has to be the Bottega Veneta Pouch. With a ubiquitous presence amongst the celebrity fashionistas, this bag accounts for one of the most searched bags online. The namesake luxury brand has given the bag a minimalist look which makes it unique in its way. It is simple, sizable, soft, modern, and trendy. It complements almost any modern outfit. Equipped with distinctiveness, the Bottega Veneta pouch is sure to garner attention amidst a crowd. It is for this reason the bag deserves a spot among the most desirable classic bags.
    Bottega Veneta Pouch
  3. Lady Dior Bag by Christian Dior
    Carried by Princess Diana herself, the ‘Lady Dior bag’ cannot get any more classic. The bag is blessed with an impressive history that goes on to tell that its exquisiteness is timeless. Originally known by some other name, the bag gained this title after the bag was gifted to Princess Diana in 1995 and thereafter became her favorite. Lady Dior has been in the market for quite some time now and deserves a spot in the evergreen classic collections because it is still an item of undiminished glamour and style. The leather used for the bag is either lambskin or calfskin and the artistry of the bag is quite distinctive and elegant. The bag, therefore, is bound to remain in vogue forever.
    Lady Dior Bag by Christian Dior
  4. Faye bag by Chloè
    With a reputation of drawing in attention effortlessly, Chloè never disappoints with its collections. But the Faye bag that the brand launched has caught the eye of all luxury lovers. It gives a Bohemian vibe but carries a classic design of the 70s blended with a modern look that leaves an everlasting impression on the buyers. If asked to give a one-line description of the bag, I would say it is clean, minimalistic, urban, and classic! You do not need to work on your overall appearance to let it blend with your style—it just does that because it is Chloe’s brainchild!
    Faye bag by Chloè
  5. Balenciaga City
    The renowned Twin sisters Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen carry the popularity credits for this bag. A lightweight leather bag, Balenciaga City possesses all the attributes of being an evergreen classic.

    Balenciaga City

    The design is very chic and easy-going, which means you can sashay it anywhere you want. Balenciaga City was a super hit in the early 2000s but disappeared from the public domain sometime later. Post-2016, however, it is back in the game with a bang! Today, it can be found in vibrant colors, giving you much freedom to experiment with style.

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