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Are you a legal intern? Stick to these 5 things to have a good experience

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If you are a law student, you’d know the value of internships. When I was in a law school, we were expected to do at least one internship during the summer and winter breaks. We were asked to explore various kinds of internships, from chamber internships to corporate firm internships. Moreover, the focus was on securing quality internships which is not simple because of competition.  However, if you make it through competition and find a good internship, your focus should shift to getting the best out of it.

Internships are opportunities to learn and adapt to workplace environments. There is so much to learn and contribute during internships. Those who do well even get Pre-Placement Offers (PPO). Take your internships seriously and dedicate yourself. A handful of things, if taken into account, can really help you gain a ton from internships.

Here are those things which you should keep in mind:

  1. Interact well
    You will most likely be working in a team comprising co-interns and a supervisor. It is essential to maintain an amiable personality throughout your internship. Interact with co-interns, do assignments together, help each other, and ensure that you do not let competitiveness take control of your faculties. You must also talk to your supervisor regularly: tell her about your tasks, your progress, problems you might be facing, or simply discuss anything which requires her attention. Keep your channels of communication open, and this will help you in enhancing your productivity.
  2. Do not be picky
    You are a legal intern, which means you are here for exploring the universe of your field of study. The primary task of a legal intern is to learn as much as he can. So, there is no room to be picky unless you have genuine reasons to not work on a particular task. On your first day, have a nice talk with your supervisor and tell her about your strongest and weakest areas and how you work. Of course, she will allot work according to what she deems right, however, she might consider your reservations. In case she allots you work you are not comfortable with, try doing it and seek help from co-interns or your supervisor before rejecting it.
  3. Respect Deadlines
    Punctuality is an asset that you make you stand out from the rest. Whatever deadlines you have been asked to adhere to, try to stick to them. If you are not comfortable with a certain deadline, communicate the same to your supervisor with reasons. However, the general course should be to respect deadlines and finish off assignments the way you have been directed. Many times, legal interns stay beyond office hours to finish off tasks, and this reflects on their sincerity. That being said, legal interns are often subject to more pressure than they are suitable to handle. Overexploitation of legal interns is no secret. Therefore, if you find any problem regarding deadlines, do not wait but communicate your reservations.
  4. Feedbacks are a must
    One of the things supervisors like is the amenability of interns to receive and accept feedback.  Whatever work you do, make sure you receive feedback on the same. Bad or good, whatever it is, you must accept it. In case you disagree with your supervisor over something in the feedback, discuss it with her. Do not argue and behave like a know-it-all. Table your issues with the feedback and she should reason with you. Unlike what many think, legal interns are independent beings and must not be treated as those without any say. They are entitled to speak up, but the manner and tone should be mindful.
  5. An Exit Interview
    Most internships arrange for an exit interview. Basically, it is a final meeting you have with your supervisor before concluding your internship. In case there is no such interview, request your supervisor to conduct an informal exit interview. During the interview, she will give you an overview of your performance and how you should improve. You may ask her about the possibilities of employment at the place in the future. The purpose of the interview to conclude a relationship on a wholesome note.

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