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Top 5 products that Hermès has to offer


Hermès is a name to reckon with in the world of global luxury. Very few names have managed to achieve the twilight of opulence which this brand has gained. With a legacy of more than 180 years, this French luxury name continues to enthrall everyone with its magnificent collections. It does not believe in redundancy and carefully creates and markets select exclusive pieces for the luxury class. Today, it mainly caters to leather products, accessories, and saddles.

Extraordinary craftsmanship, uniqueness, and unmatched quality are what defines Hermès. Given the status of the brand, it is no astonishment that its products come with super expensive price tags which only the deep-pocketed ones can desire for. But, if you are in the right mood to splurge, then I believe a Hermès product should be a good start. Perhaps, you should consider buying any of the 5 products I have mentioned in the list. So, let us take a look at what those products are.

  1. The famous Birkin bag
    The origin of the renowned Birkin bag has an interesting inspiration behind it. The British actress Jane Birkin happened to be on the same flight as that of the Chief Executive of Hermès, Jean-Louis Dumas; both had their seats right next to each other. The British actress was carrying a bamboo bag out of which the contents spilled out, and this immediately struck Jean-Louis with an idea of how an ideal bag should be. This is the reason why the bag is named ‘the Birkin bag’.
    The brand uses crocodile skin to create a pure leather Birkin bag. It also launched its limited edition of the ultra-exclusive Birkin bags embedded with rose gold, white gold, platinum, and thousands of diamonds. These were the ‘Rose Gold Diamond Birkin bag’ and ‘the Birkin Ginza Tanaka bag’ which were valued at around $2 million.
  2. Chaine d’Ancre Necklace
    The Chaine d’Ancre Necklace by Hermès makes us believe that simplicity is the best form of elegance. Just as the name suggests, this jewelry piece has been designed into a chain with a superbly intricate finish. Despite its seemingly simple design style, it does not fall short of magnetic appeal and inspires elegance and fluidity. Made in pure gold, the neckpiece weighs around 150 grams. The most beautiful and attractive aspect of the necklace is that it can sit well with most fashion tastes, from eccentric to low-key.
  3. Croc T-shirt
    Who could have imagined that buying a T-shirt could be a luxury delight? The fact that only the sales tax imposed on a t-shirt could exceed Albania’s per capita GDP is enough to give perk up anyone’s curiosity. We are talking about the famed Hermès Croc T-Shirt which became a wild story on its launch. This heftily priced item is worth $91,500! Unsurprisingly, this T-shirt holds the tag of being the most expensive t-shirt in the New York market. Launched in 2013, the garment is made from pure crocodile skin, a reason enough to cause fascination and outrage.
  4. Orion Travel suitcase
    Not many would think of a suitcase as a luxury item, but Hermès does things differently! The Orion suitcase launched by Hermès is a luxury item that has revamped the reputation of suitcases in the fashion industry.  It costs around $10K due to the heavy metallic use of pure aluminum on its body and of pure calfskin for the belts and handles. The product is beautifully designed and adds panache to your personality. The look of the bag is simple yet sophisticated. If you love traveling and want to add detail to your luxurious lifestyle, then Hermès Orion Travel Suitcase could be a perfect investment for you.
  5. Hermès saddle and horse fittings
    Not many know that the journey of Hermès started as a harness workshop so it is unsurprising it still maintains a wonderful collection of saddles and horse fittings.

Aiming to create the best for horses and their riders, it uses some of the finest natural materials suited for these fittings such as titanium tree, carbon, and beechwood spring tree. It uses processed buffalo skin leather that makes horsebacks steady and comfortable. Overall, Hermès saddle and horse fittings are luxuries every equestrian deserves!

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