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Top 5 best luxury activewear for women that are worth the investment

Coronavirus has turned our lives upside down. From trips, we planned to activities we had pre-scheduled our plans are completely changed. Going to the gym might not be possible for a lot of us but we can always exercise in the house or do personalized training even if it has to be done via skype. One thing we want to avoid is to sit on our couch and get fat. We can work out in the house or go outside and try a winter sport in the snow or wherever as long as we don’t visit crowded spaces.

Over the last years, the industry of sportswear has increased a great deal, providing new options and materials to the buyers. New fabrics, new shoe soles, and especially designed equipment have made our daily exercise more convenient and healthy, providing support to every delicate part of our body. At the same time, fashion has focused on activewear and all clothing is now super pretty.

All Famous big brands have a department that deals with sports clothing and equipment, from Versace to Givenchy designers cover everyone’s taste with their options. Below we give examples of some important parts of your activewear equipment and some nice options regarding the brands that seem to be top sellers for the time being.

  1. Bra
    Starting with the bra we suggest you pay attention to the support of your breasts during the exercise since it can make a difference in your appearance and the long-term appearance of the area. Underwear and especially bras are the ladies’ way to highlight their female side. More and more women make sure they invest in their sports underwear, which underlines the significance of this choice. Some elegant, and flexible options are provided by Givenchy with Givenchy Logo Sports Bra Top and Vaara. Vaara has the Maxine Cutout Stretch Sports Bra for only $ 110,00 and its style is influenced by its founder who is an ex-model.
  2. Track jacket
    A necessary item in your wardrobe. Can be worn before and after the training inside or outside of the house as well. As with every decent activewear, it should be light, breathable, and absorbent. Versace gives a great option with its Versace Baroc Print Track Jacket. The fabric Versace has used on this one is silk and the sense it has on the skin is memorable. Whatever brand you chose keep in mind you should feel comfortable wearing it because you will use it a lot. The reality is you can keep this piece of clothing in your closet for a long time. It is also common to use it a lot during autumn and spring when the jacket is appropriate for this weather, so make sure you chose the right colors.
  3. Leggins
    Leggins are very popular not only for exercise but also for a simple walk at the park with your friends. Men love them because they highlight women’s’ curves leaving the rest to the imagination. At the same time, they are super comfortable for the ladies during their training, where they might need to do stretching or squats. NO KA O is now offering the NO KA OI Stitching Detail Performance Leggings making females around the world happy. The key feature of these legging is that they as thick as you need them to be in order to look sexy and most importantly not to have any tears during your workout. Twin Fantasy also has promoted a terrific line of leggings this year that you can wear with everything.
  4. Shorts
    Tight shorts that are suitable for biking are also a must in the coronavirus era. Now that public transportation should be avoided it would be a nice idea to use your bicycle more often. For short distances riding a bike is the perfect option to keep a nice silhouette also. If you are looking for a killer in this category, let us introduce you to the PE Nation Benchwarmer Cycling Shorts. They are comfortable, they are sexy and most of all they go well with everything you already have in your closet.
  5. Yoga wearThis concept of activewear that covers the whole body, leaving you free from the stress to mix and match different pieces of your activewear is what we love about yoga wear. They are very popular and they are about to become really hot on the market due to their multiple advantages with comfort being the top. Apart from that, we would like to recommend something that is not simple activewear, but something that will also uplift your hips and confidence. We will suggest probably something like Adam Selman Sport All-In-One Performance Jumpsuit or Motion Lux Unitard that you can find at Both products are amazing and have had great reviews.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Top 5 best luxury activewear for women that are worth the investment
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