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How To Study Effectively: 3 Tips To Study Smarter, Not Harder

Study Smarter Not Harder

Studying is a process that is not evaluated depending on the time you spent to do it but on the amount of knowledge you have gained after the process and how convenient you feel to answer questions regarding the topic of your study. The process will benefit you by giving you some valuable knowledge on your studies and also by making you a better person.

Setting a goal and being able to accomplish it is very important for self-confidence and self-awareness. From high school students to college undergraduates, academic researchers, and hard-working employees who just want to be the best in what they are doing, studying will accompany your life and help you make it better if you know how to do it.

Here, we will not try to fill you with useless information on how to succeed on something that for some people seems scary, but we will try to give you the essence of what is necessary to be effective.

  1. Manage your space and time
    Unbelievably, it is rather important to work in a suitable environment, to accomplish a successful studying. Make sure you the room is clean and your desk is meticulously organized. Also, you have to be aware that sound or any kind of noise is highly possible to distract you. Research has shown that noise can reduce the effectiveness of studying up to 50%, depending on the person who studies. For very few exceptions though music of low volume has proven to have positive results. It is also useful to find a space in your house or work environment where you will always go to study. This will help you adopt the habit of studying on regular basis and simplify the process in your mind. Apart from your space, you should also pay attention to the time that you choose to spend studying. Chose a time of the day that you are most restful and that you will not be distracted by hunger or desire to sleep. Do not forget to take small breaks to clean up your thoughts, and even fill your breaks with physical exercise that will boost your mood. If there is any stressful condition try to remove it from your life during your studying period and if there are people who cause you anxiety make sure you keep them away for a while.
  2. Organize and understand
    Plan your study schedule as you would plan an activity or a trip. Studying is an activity itself and to be precise it is an introvert activity. This does not mean that rules that apply to other things in life do not apply to studying as well. Having a plan will keep you motivated and help you evaluate the effort and its results. You will be able to see what works for your benefit and what not. This way you will be able to come up with a perfect routine in the future and understand this part of yourself better. Also, learning by heart names and dates will not help you overcome any insecurity regarding the issue of your study. On the contrary, it will only confuse you and fill your head with useless information.

    Study Smarter Not Harder

    Make sure you understand the context of your study objective deeply. A nice example to see if you have completely understood what you read is to test whether you can pass the knowledge of that text to a six-year-old. It is surprising but true that even the most complex meanings can be delivered to small kids if we have a deep understanding of them ourselves. In order to understand the context of what you are reading it is important to take notes and be precise. Stick to the hardcore of the text and keep in mind that most of the time the meaning is hidden in a few words. The notes you will take during this process will help you letter on when you want to revise your study saving you a ton of time

  3. Repeat and repeat
    All you need to memorize will be successfully written in your memory’s ‘RAM’ as long as you repeat reading some of the keynotes you have made on the subject. Remember to repeat only the important parts of the text in order to avoid being bored and finally ineffective. For any reason do not try to do this just a couple of times. Some people say that repetition is the mother of knowledge and this stands for most of the things in life.

    Study Smarter Not Harder

    However, we assume that over three repetitions should be enough for most common people. For some people saying out loud what they just read helps them memorize in an inexplicable way much better than just reading the text. Whatever suits your way, just experiment and try to end up with a method that seems to best work for you. We know it seems boring but it is a reality that a lot of people avoid admitting, yet it is so true.

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