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3 Golden Rules For A Successful Job Interview

Successful Job Interview

Todays’ way of working has led people to often change employers and many times even their whole career orientation. The forecasts during the last decade show that the average employee of the western world will have to change his career seven times during his lifetime. Human resource recruiters on their part also seek talented and intelligent people to staff the company. This new reality is quite stressful for lots of people and having the ability to adapt to new environments is nevertheless useful. First comes a well-structured resume and then the interview follows. Sometimes it is a one-step process but usually, it takes two or three steps. However, the first impression is the most important. You will need to have a common knowledge of what a recruiter might want to outstand from the completion. Some tips are demonstrated below to help you in your first steps.

  1. Be aware of your CV
    Curriculum vitae is what recruiters have on their hands before they meet you. Whatever you include in there is what people assume that you want to say about yourself. The ones who will bother with contacting you will surely expect that you can talk all the details regarding what you have done in the past. You should therefore be prepared to answer every question about your previous work experience and education with details, such as how you got the job, what did you like there and mainly why you had to let go. Was it your choice or were you fired?

    These are issues that usually interest people who want to hire you in their department. We advise you to not lye on your answers and there are two reasons to do that. One is that you never know how the information you give might be crosschecked leaving you exposed, high and dry, and unemployed. The second reason whether you believe it or not is that people who have the tendency to lye many times end up forgetting their own stories and accidentally reveal their lies.

  2. Be aware of the job you are applying
    Sometimes we are so eager to find a job quickly, that we don’t bother to pay attention to what the employers want. Remember the reason they are hiring you is that they want you to fit their company and to deliver excellent service for them. Yourself is not a priority for a company that barely knows you, so make sure you convince them you are a perfect fit for them. This will happen if you spend the necessary time to read the job description carefully.

    Successful Job Interview

    Most job descriptions of good companies are quite thorough even for the low paid jobs that one could assume they are not as important. The reason they do that is that they want to avoid the firing and hiring process. When a company hires you to be sure that most of the times they want to keep you. For them, it is a waste of time to hire people that will not be able to manage their expectations. So, make yourself a favor and be concentrated on what you are looking for. Besides understanding how a company works is the key to getting yourself a place with their team.

  3. Rehearse
    No matter how good you are for the job you are applying it is important to communicate these skills to the people interested in hiring you. Everyone has a friend that got a job they didn’t deserve and vice versa. This is only to prove how important it is to ‘advertise’ yourself correctly. For a company the recruitment of a new employee is a small investment, in other words during you should see yourself as a product and the recruiters as the customers they want to buy it. The one who is being interviewed is at the same time the product and the seller who is trying to sell it. This means you have a double role to fulfill and you need to do your homework before your scheduled interview.

    Successful Job Interview

    You will want to check all of the possible questions you might be asked for the specific job you are applying for and write down the answers to those. In addition, you can ask a friend to help you by taking the role of the recruiter and ask the questions that are possible to be asked during the interview. If that makes you uncomfortable you can give the answers to the questions on your own, skipping your friend’s presence. However, it is important to make a plausible representation of the real interview and give your answers out loud as you would do in the original process. This will help you build your confidence, and overcome your stress since you will be prepared in true conditions.

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