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Perfect Image: David Richard Petrillo’s Vision that Changed the Skincare Industry

Just over a decade ago, the skincare industry was limited in its access to professional strength products. Consumers only were stuck with over the counter products that were simply not strong enough to be effective for their skin concerns, and the only option was to go to a spa, dermatologist, or beauty salon to receive stronger treatments for a much higher cost, in hopes of discovering a product that may work for their skin. However, times and beauty products have evolved, and consumers are finding it easier, more cost effective, and less time consuming to do things themselves, including beauty treatments. This shift stems from the continually growing and changing, busy schedules of people, as well as the high costs associated with the professionals who treat our skin problems. Now homebased, do-it-yourself is the preferred method for many people, especially since the pandemic, this shift has amplified considerably. It is no secret that natural, healthy, skin can help boost a person’s level of confidence. David Richard Petrillo is one such man that is providing people with the magic of skincare, by providing access to products that were not previously attainable.

A Little History:

Starting his skincare line Perfect Image in 2007 with a meagre sum of $600 that his mother loaned him, David Richard Petrillo’s Perfect Image has helped many people gain confidence in themselves through the positive changes in their skin. David’s marketing strategy focused on creating products and safe methods, that were as strong and effective as people would receive in a professional setting. This concept has played a major part in the success of the brand as he was one of the first businesses to start a skincare peel business online with Ebay and Amazon in 2007. In fact, Perfect Image was one of the first few of its kind to be available on Ebay and from thereon, the brand grew exponentially.

The Game-Changing Peel:

Another big achievement for David was in 2012, when Perfect Image branched out to launch a new line of peels. This unique product line helped the brand receive more publicity and made its peels the most popular on Amazon. Another reason for the brand’s popularity was David’s vision behind it. He was aware that chemical peel treatments was only available to people through doctors, spas or clinics and it required a professional to do the treatment. Believing in the fact that anyone can take care of themselves and their skin, and also should not have to spend a large sum of money to do that, David came up with the idea of a peel that people could use safely at home. Recently, the EU has approved many of Perfect Image’s products for selling. Therefore solidifying its stance as a safe to use brand that has the potential to go global.

Something Innovative:

Continuing with their expansion strategy, during 2017, Perfect Image set out to better serve their customers and build more audience through a new platform. The beta test of the platform was conducted successfully in April 2020 and Perfect Image is all set to become the first peel brand that will be directed to customers, going beyond the bounds of Amazon. The innovative online platform will help the business be much closer to the needs of the customers as it offers a trial plan that has skincare professionals available for working with customers on a private messaging portal to guide them through the process and answer any questions or concerns they may have. This way, each user can be granted special attention. It will help the customers be more aware as to what product works with their skin and make an informed decision. The idea is to help customers find the most effective ingredients and products for their unique skin type or skin concerns before committing to buy products you are unsure about.

The Goal of Perfect Image:

With Perfect Image, David wants to help out as many people as he possibly can who may experience the anxieties and worries that skin concerns can cause. He knows that inner beauty and confidence are important, but if the person doesn’t feel that they look good on the outside, or feel confident on the inside, then they may be mentally held back from doing or participating in things they would normally like to do in life. When David is planning on launching a product or service, he believes the best way to analyze it is by putting yourself in the buyers’ shoes and see how it benefits them. Knowing that the product is doing some good to the buyer or helping change that person’s life in some aspect, means that the brand is doing something right.

Perfect Image’s main aim will forever remain constant, that is to empower people through their products and provide them professional skincare in the comfort of their own home. What’s next for David and Perfect Image is entering the retail market sector and securing distribution on a global scale. Perfect Image aims to bring their peels to every person who needs it and help give them the confidence to walk with their head held high, knowing that they look and feel their best.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Perfect Image: David Richard Petrillo’s Vision that Changed the Skincare Industry
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