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Nick Vera Perez: A Rare Combination of Musician and Philanthropist

Nick Vera Perez

Music is a global language, and even if someone may not understand the lyrics due to not being versed in that language, they do understand the meaning of the music and emotions behind it. It is the dream of most singers and musicians that their songs not only be heard by people all over the world, but speak to the hearts of their fans. Spreading joyous emotions and bringing people together is what a great musician strives for and that is what Nick Vera Perez also believes in. Nick’s main goal as a professional singer is to make people smile and bring them joy and happiness. Hailing from the Philippines, he is now working from Chicago, now he is on his way to gain immense recognition and fan following.

For his fans, Nick Vera Perez is ‘NVP. This name has helped him become not just a musician, but a brand which stands for happiness and empathy. NVP started singing when he was just 3 years old and as he grew up he transformed his hobby into a passion. Not only did he personally work on his vocals, but also attended choral groups. In 1991, he went to Center for Pop Music where he studied stage and vocal modulation and projection studies. The one thing that makes NVP different from many others is that he sings from the heart and doesn’t just sing for his fans, but also to relieve his own stress and to express himself freely. When asked about to describe his feelings when he sings, NVP says, “It feels I’m transformed, and leading listeners to another realms of life. A world so different from our chaotic world relaxing our minds and soul”

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NVP’s first album, that he released in 2017 was titled “I am Ready” and the title song of the album, that had the same name as the album, gained the 2nd spot on 95.5 FM radio PINAS, in Philippines. The album earned him multiple nominations, most notable among them are Best New Male Recording Artist 2018 by PMPC (Philippine Movie Press Club) and also received the honor of Breakthrough International Host and Performer 2017 in Gawad Filipino Awards. Another moment of honor for NVP was when he was featured in Via Times Magazine. And the list of his gained honors from around the world goes on and on.

One of the best things about NVP’s songs is that he caters to many genres, like Ballad, RNB, Soft Rock and Soft Jazz. This grants him a varied audience and also increases his popularity in the music world. NVP knows that in order to create more audience, he needs to reach all kinds of digital channels that are used by American popstars. This way he will be able to reach people beyond his country of origin and seeing how international music is gaining recognition, it is only a matter of time that NVP will have millions of fans. This is why he has made his songs available on Spotify and YouTube for anyone to enjoy, and this gives Nick more visibility in the younger audience.

However, NVP’s work doesn’t stop there. Nick cares a lot about the people around him and the world in general which is why he has been making charitable donations to Kanlungan Ni Mar, a charity for elders without a family, and Child Haus, a charity for orphan kids. Now he intends to shed light to professions that he feels deeply connected with and the professions which everyone has grown to appreciate during the COVID-19 lockdown. The list of these profession include, Nursing, Humanitarians, Love and Music. Nick calls them the four Great Pillars of NVP1WORLD’s Foundation. He believes all these professions have played a vital part in helping people; be it physically, emotionally or financially, and NVP intends to honor and all of them.

Due to Nick’s work as a singer and as a philanthropist, it is no secret that he has become an inspiration to many young people around the world. Day by day, his fans keep expanding in numbers and are excited to see what Nick will do for them next.

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