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Best Colleges To Study Architecture In The US, 2021

Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP Cornell)

Architecture is one of the prominent fields of study today. The course has slowly and steadily polled thousands of students due to its high employability. One of the prime ways of taking up architecture as your future career is by enrolling yourself in a good college.

The USA is packed with some of the finest architectural colleges which prepare students for the architectural license. These educational institutes have created a niche for themselves in the B.Arch and M.Arch programs and thus are preferred by many. Let us check them and see what makes these colleges different from the rest.

  1. Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP Cornell): Cornell University is a top name in the architecture sector. It is mostly because the university strives to make students undergo personal growth and discovery. Creativity is one of the main factors that separate the educational institute from the rest. The school of education allows students to foster creativity and personal growth across a broad range of curriculum. With an aim to improve demographic diversity and promote a genuine sense of belonging the institute has set a huge pedestal before others. All these and many more paramount features have aided the institute in producing the best minds in the architecture industry.

    Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP Cornell)

    Architectural education at Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP Cornell) is about balance: between philosophy and pragmatism, between virtual and physical creative realms, between refined tradition and transcendent vision. Cornell’s architecture program is one of the oldest, most respected, and best endowed. Research domains in the Department of Architecture include ecology, urbanism, building technology, advanced computation, and architectural history. The programs offered through Cornell’s College of Architecture, Art and Planning celebrate architecture as a key tool, both creative and potent, for bettering the world. The programs offered through Cornell’s College of Architecture, Art and Planning (AAP) celebrate architecture as a key tool, both creative and potent, for bettering the world, addressing design from a “social, ethical and artistic perspective.” Architectural education at Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP Cornell) has ranked number one in the United States for 2021.

  2. Rice University School of Architecture: Rice University is yet another crowning jewel in the architecture sector. The institute is located in Houston, Texan, and is spread across 300 acres of lined campus. With path-breaking research and innovative opportunities, the university attracts many students each year. The university has a 6 to 1 faculty ratio and a residential college system for both local and international students. Ranked at number 7 among the best colleges in the USA, there are many employment opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students. The close-knit campus tradition is something that sets rice apart and makes it the best choice for candidates hoping to make it big in the architectural sector.
    Rice School of Architecture
    The Rice School of Architecture promotes architecture as a cultural practice by preparing graduates to think, negotiate, and collaborate, generating designs and arguments that have historical resonance and contemporary relevance. From the day they enter, every student is encouraged to develop her or his own opinions and in every course in the curriculum, students are taught how to articulate those opinions, both verbally and visually. The school’s curriculum balances a broad liberal arts education and focused professional study. The instruction fosters in students a sense of responsibility, relevance, and sound judgment with a focus on innovative design. Research ranges from the pragmatic to the theoretical and includes the metropolitan, the natural, the technical, and the aesthetic. Rice University School of Architecture has ranked number two in the United States for 2021.
  3. Pratt Institute School of Architecture: Pratt Institute is located in the most innovative city in the world i.e New York. The school of education is regarded as one of the multicultural epicenters for learning, entrepreneurship, and innovation. All the programs of the institute are constantly ranked as best in the country and are joined by unparalleled training facilities. Since its inception in 1887, the educational center has kept pace with the industrial economy and hence prepares students for global exposure. If you are someone who wants to go beyond traditional learning then Pratt Institute will surely help you in every aspect.
    Pratt Institute School of Architecture
    Pratt Institute School of Architecture‘s mission is to educate the future leaders of the design disciplines in the professional fields of architecture, urban design, city and regional planning, construction and facilities management, preservation, sustainability and placemaking. The school provides a broad cultural and critical base in the liberal arts and sciences, while providing the specialized knowledge unique to individual disciplines. Pratt Institute School of Architecture has ranked number 3 in the United States for 2021.
  4. Yale School of Architecture: Yale University is one such name that does not require a specific introduction. Since its inception in 1701, Yale University has constantly dedicated to sharing and expanding knowledge, innovation, and scientific information for future generations to come. The reach of the institute is paramount in measuring its success. With both local and international reach through connections with other colleges, the institute promotes both global quest and cultural understanding. Thus, all these factors together make the center for learning best for students interested to join the architecture sector.
    Yale School of Architecture
    Yale School of Architecture offers professional and postprofessional programs leading to an M.Arch. degree at the graduate level for recipients of baccalaureate degrees from accredited colleges. Yale College also offers a non-professional undergraduate major in architecture. Yale School of Architecture has ranked number 4 in the United States for 2021.
  5. University of Virginia School of Architecture: The University of Virginia is one of the prominent public institutes situated in the USA. One of the prime aims of the institute is to advance knowledge and education to form an informed citizenry. Another demarcating aspect of the university is its public institution has major faculties along with active student governance and increased commitment towards arts and other programs. The institute constantly ranks high among the other reputable colleges in the nation and has constantly pushed boundaries of the greater good, earning the trust of millions of students across the globe.
    University of Virginia School of Architecture
    University of Virginia School of Architecture dreams big and aspires to excellence in all that they do, drawing on Jefferson’s words, “always in the name of tomorrow.” Design is the central mode of inquiry in architecture. Graduate and undergraduate students investigate vital issues that shape our built environment, representing their ideas through design. Students are immersed in a studio culture that values the artful making of inventive physical and digital representations of cities, buildings and landscapes. Students have the advantage of a close affiliation with Landscape Architecture, Architectural History and Planning. University of Virginia School of Architecture has ranked number 5 in the United States for 2021.
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