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Things You Should Know About Samira Nasr, the New Editor of Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar is one of the most popular fashion magazines in the world. Celebrities across the globe have been featured on the cover of the magazine. It provides quality content to fashion aficionados and is known to be handled by some of the best teams in the world. While it is not uncommon to see the magazine making headlines, it made quite a buzz recently when it appointed a new Editor-in-Chief.

Samira Nasr, a successful journalist, took up the mantle of the magazine. This new change of leadership is being hailed as the harbinger of a new phase for the magazine, and many believe that she will be responsible for dramatic and positive changes to the reputation of the magazine. But, what is it that makes her so interesting to the world? Let us find out about the same.

Here are 5 things you should know about Samira Nasr.

  1. The first woman of colour
    Harper’s Bazaar has a history of more than 150 years, and throughout these years, it has never been headed by a woman of colour. The appointment of Samira Nasr in the backdrop of the rising activism against racism and particularly, Black Lives Matter, will encourage the magazine to make important transformative decisions and undo decisions which might have caused inadequate representation to people of colour. Her leadership should set an example that women of colour are more than capable to take strategic roles. Soon after she had assumed office, many notable personalities reiterated the need to overhaul existing institutions to accommodate interests of diverse races and communities.
  2. Her Heritage
    Samura Nasr is biracial; she is half Lebanese and half Trinidadian. Her heritage will help in identifying the areas where people, particularly women like her, are side-lined and how she should be able to push them forward to the frontline. She is well-placed to identify and appreciate the nuances among various races and why there shouldn’t be discriminatory practices among and against them.
  3. A Woman of Strong Connections and affiliations
    For those in the fashion industry, connections are as important as talent and hard work. If you want your work to be noticed, you will have to make friends and loyal clients. Unsurprisingly, Samir Nasr is no stranger to this fundamental rule of survival in the industry. Throughout her career, she has managed to forge strong relationships with who’s who in the industry. She is known to be quite close to a number of well-acclaimed celebrities in and outside Hollywood. These celebrities include Jennifer Lopez and Tracee Ellis Ross. With the help of her connections and professional standing, she will surely bring more stardom to the magazine.
  4. A Proud Mother She Is
    Cultural stereotypes have resulted in the development of the notion that working women do not make good mothers. Of course, centuries of orthodoxy attempt to relegate women to the task of maintaining domestic order and staying away from the outside world. Samir Nasr is a quintessential example of how all of these stereotypes hold no substance. She is a single mother of a young boy and calls her motherhood as a proud achievement. Despite having to assume parental responsibilities all by herself, she does not falter in her professional commitments. She knows how to balance both—and well, that’s the point. Womanhood is capable of doing everything!
  5. She has a brilliant resume
    Well, of course, you cannot be the chief editor of a global fashion magazine just like that. Your resume should speak volumes about your potential to lead, create, and provide. Harper’s Bazaar is fortunate enough to have a woman like Samir who has some of the most wonderful resumes in the fashion industry. Her experiences speak for her. She has worked with many fashion magazines in several capacities before. For example, she served as the Fashion Director at the iconic Vanity Fair and has also been an intern at Vogue. Moreover, she worked beyond the fashion magazine world and has been associated with Tiffany & Co, for example, in its fashion campaigns.

Now, whoever has excellent creative leadership in mind would not refuse the chance to work with women like Samir Nasr!

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