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5 Things You MUST NOT Do During A Fashion Week

Fashion has become an indispensable part of our lives and fashion shows are like conventions you don’t want to miss. Being excited and animated about receiving an invite to a fashion week is perfectly understandable but there are certain things that you must keep in mind while being present at such events.

Like every social gathering, there are certain things that you are better off not doing at a fashion week. These social taboos make you less desirable and more unlikely to be there at the next event. Today we discuss five things that you must not do during a fashion week.

  1. Do not block the view with your gadgets
    It is OK to go without checking your phone for an hour. A fashion week is the culmination of a very long period of efforts made by some very dedicated people. And if you are not going to give attention to what it is that’s happening on the stage, then you might as well give up your seat to someone who will.
    Phones and tablets add digital congestion to the event and hinder the person sitting behind and alongside you from getting an unobstructed view. Think of it as one smartphone lighting up or ringing in a cinema hall, it is a single phone but it is enough to disrupt your attention.
  2. Do not act like you are entitled
    Just because you managed to receive an invite does not mean that you are entitled to treat the organizers and helpers of the event rudely. Do not go into the show and start barking orders at the catering staff and do not take up another person’s seat and pretend it is yours. Everyone present at the event is there in an equal capacity, the only star of the show is the clothes.
  3. Do not overreact when you see famous faces
    At a fashion show, it is not possible to not run into someone famous, it might be your favorite actress or someone you follow on social media. The important thing is to remember is that they might be there on work or to enjoy the show just like you. We understand that you would be very excited but it is best to maintain composure.
    Greet them when it is suitable and refrain from crowding their personal space. Another thing to remember is that it is rude to stare at someone, not only are you setting a bad example but also making the other person feel uncomfortable. Major events, including fashion shows, do have an allotted time for a meet and greet with attending celebrities. It would be a better place for interaction.
  4. Do not spoil the show with a million pictures
    We understand the need for keeping your social media account updated but you are not there as a photographer. There is no need for you to capture every look, every detail on your Instagram. A few pictures would serve you just as good, and also keep in mind to not overdo it with a hundred duck face selfies.
    If you do plan on capturing the entire event then get a place with the other photographers instead of blocking someone else’s view with a heavy lens and a long arm. It is better to leave your phone in your purse and appreciate the show. Taking a million pictures does not make you an expert; they make you a newbie.
  5. Do not forget functional fashion
    When you are heading out to a fashion show, remember that you are going there as a viewer and not as a model. Embrace the concept of functional fashion while dressing for the occasion. A few simple pointers include not wearing anything (like heavy coats) that is going to take up an additional seat next to you.

Fashion shows do celebrate modernity but doing so at the expense of people sitting next to you is inexcusable. At the same time, you need to take into account your comfort too (wearing a short dress in winters is a strict no!). You are only going to be at the show for 15 minutes, but it is the commute that is going to take up the majority of your time. Hence, dress accordingly.

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