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The World’s Cheapest Fashion Shopping Destinations Every Fashion Lover Must Know

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Shopping is a therapy in itself. When you go all out and spend on yourself or your dear ones, you feel uplifted. However, sometimes availing of the benefits of this therapy could be an expensive affair. Shopping does not necessarily come cheap in many parts of the world and there are times when we want to buy as much as we can without compromising with quality. Alas, money is only limited.

The fashion industry comes with all kinds of price tags. There are, however, certain destinations across the globe that offer exciting shopping experiences at cheap prices. In case you are traveling and are in any of these cities (which I am going to mention anyway), then you must exploit its giveaways. Over here, you will find everything there is, from cultural to modern fashion, and you might save a ton.

I don’t have to tell you what the article is all about so let us begin.

  1. India
    There is no way you would not have heard of India being a relatively cheap country, especially in terms of shopping. While you can avail of expensive shopping experiences, you should certainly try out its local markets which are as good as any brands you might have in mind. Every city has a local market known for selling clothing at exceptionally low prices. The coat you would have seen at a Zara store would be there in these markets being sold at ridiculously low prices. Of course, you will have to be cautious of products before buying them. But, the experience will be unlike anything.
  2. Hong Kong
    You might be surprised to find one of the most expensive cities in the world in his list. But, interestingly, Hong Kong does offer cheap shopping experiences. From the Ladies Market to Jade Market, you can find affordable fashion.

    Hong Kong

    Of course, the scintillating world of big brands being flashed before your eyes in the city might seduce you into going for the brands, but trust me, once you start exploring these local markets, you might reach a point of no return. Be it anything, accessories, clothing, or beauty treatment, you can get good deals. Just don’t forget to bargain!

  3. Mexico
    Mexico is the place to experience a perfect blend of cultural and modern fashion being offered at remarkably low prices. The trick to getting the best deal here is to bargain fiercely. Traders would try to rip you off knowing you are a foreigner but always stick to your price unless you two have come to a compromise.

    Mexican markets are not just about mass-produced products; you will quite normally find handmade products all over. Puerto Vallarta is a good place to start in order to get an authentic Mexican street shopping experience.

  4. Bangkok, Thailand
    All in all, Thailand is an excellent destination for cheap fashion. But, Bangkok needs a special mention. People from all over the world recognize the city as a bizarrely exciting city with too much to offer to the world. Of many things it is known, cheap street shopping is one of them. Every weekend you will see the opening up of markets on the roadside.

    These markets will feature a beeline of small shops selling all kinds of fashion items. From modern clothing to traditional handicrafts, there is almost everything you might want to buy. Just like any other street market, you must bargain hard and not accept the first price the trader offers. In case you have a local companion, then you will find it easier to bargain. It is advised to go with your guide or a local friend to these markets to get the best.

  5. Vietnam
    Vietnamese know how to sell fashion, and this is evident from their wonderful street markets. In case you are interested in traditional handicrafts, then you will love local markets here as they sell crafts made from ceramics and bamboo. There are a number of markets to go to for an exhilarating shopping experience.

    Some of the recommendations include An Dong Market, Han Market, Ben Thanh Market, Hanoi Night Maret, and Binh Tay Market. The most popular markets here are based in the capital city of Ho Chi Minh. So, if you are in the capital, then brace up for emptying your pockets over fantastic deals.

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