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Best Black Sand Beaches In The World, 2021

In this article, you can check ten of the most incredible black sand beaches around the world. These beaches are located in destinations with a volcanic landscapes.

  1. Kamari Beach, Santorini, Greece: One of the most cosmopolitan and touristic beaches of Santorini island in Greece is Kamari, due to its close distance from the airport of the island. The beach has black sand, fine gravel, and deepens sharply. It is particularly large in length. There are many beach bars in every part of it, however, Kamari is also preferred by families.
  2. Kaimu Beach, Hawaii, United States: The shoreline at Kaimu Beach started to form in recent years after a catastrophic physical phenomenon. In 1990 a nearby volcano erupted and a river of lava flowed down to the shoreline, burying the original beach with its lava. The bay is surrounded by palm trees and it is famous all over the world for the black color of the sand. The town of Kaimu is the birthplace of Hawaiian nationalist leader Joseph Nawahi.
  3. Karekare Beach, New Zealand: It is located in the Auckland region of northern New Zealand. Karekare is a popular destination but nowadays receives fewer visitors because the road which leads there is partly narrow making difficult the approach. Visitors will see towering cliffs nearby waterfalls and large black sand dunes.
  4. Playa Negra, Puerto Rico: It is a beach in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. Los Pargos, the town closest to Playa Negra has many restaurants with Peruvian food. It is also a famous destination for surfing. Playa Negra isn’t a typical black sand beach. Its darker hues come from the nearby Vieques’ volcanic areas. But when it doesn’t rain there isn’t much material that makes its way to the beach. That means that the beach some days has darker colors and some other days brighter colors.
  5. Punalu’u, Hawaii, United States: Punalu’u beach is also called the black sand beach. It is between Pahala and Na’ alehu on the Big Island of the US state of Hawaii. This beach combines the black sand with coconut trees at the shore and turquoise waters. It is also home to sea turtles. It is worth mentioning that the swimming area is very rocky and it can be dangerous to swim.
  6. Mavra Volia, Chios, Greece: In the southern part of Chios island in Greece and more specifically, about 30 kilometers from the city and 5 kilometers from the famous village of Pyrgi with the intricate designs of its houses, visitors will be fascinated by a special spectacle created by the eruption of a nearby volcano in antiquity: a beach with black, shiny stones at a round shape. Because of its stones, the beach is known as “Mavra Volia” or “Emporios”.
  7. Papenoo Beach, Tahiti, French Polynesia: It is located on the island of Tahiti. Papenoo is a perfect place for surfing as strong winds prevail. The black shores and the rugged landscape create a picture–perfect setting.
  8. Playa Jardin, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain: Playa Jardin is a famous beach filled with palm trees and hotels. In fact, Playa Jardin is a black sand beach which is really popular among locals and tourists. Cesar Manrique has designed this urban beach and it is surrounded by exotic gardens. It is also a suitable place for families.
  9. Honokanali Black Sand Beach, United States: It is located in Hana. The black sand, the lush green vegetation, the rocks, the caves, and the lava tubes leave visitors speechless. The sand is really soft and comfortable to walk barefoot.
  10. Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland: The black sand, the rocks, and the crashing waves make for one of Iceland’s most beautiful places. You must know that the access to this beach is accompanied by a small fee. It is located at the village of Vik which is the warmest place in Iceland. The village was affected by volcanic ash during the 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull.

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