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5 Most Expensive Lingerie Brands To Check Out

I cannot emphasize enough the value of lingerie in a woman’s wardrobe. Lingerie is the most fundamental foundation of your outwear and allows the latter to sit well on the body. Moreover, lingerie is also an important factor in empowering women to feel comfortable in their bodies. That is why it is all the more essential that we pick our lingerie with great care and attention.

There are all kinds of choices available in this area of fashion. Luxury lingerie, in particular, has become quite a hit among women, as they have begun investing their resources into more quality lingerie. Expensive lingerie is a great deal if you are up for it. There are many brands that create high quality, truly comfortable, and soft lingerie for women around the world. In case you are prepared to spend lavishly on lingerie, then you should surely check out a few brands I am going to name in this article.

Today, you are going to find out about 5 most expensive lingerie brands which hold a global reputation for being the best at what they offer. You are assured of a brilliant experience in case you choose any of them.

So, let us take a look at what those brands are:

  1. Bordelle
    Outlandish, bondage-inspired lingerie is slowly gaining traction in the women society. Alexandra Popa knows that women like to experiment with lingerie and have developed a penchant for bold, outrageous yet ravishing lingerie. Her brand, Bordelle, manifests her vision as it offers seductive and provocative lingerie. It has produced many best-selling lingerie in the world, including the ones plated with gold. The brand has been associated with many cover shoots of popular fashion magazines such as Vogue and Glamour. Just in case you want to spice up the lingerie game and are willing to try out the boldest item out there, then Bordelle is an apt choice.
  2. Guia La Bruna
    Coming from one of the most fashionable countries in the world, this Italian lingerie brand has engraved its name among the most notable luxury lingerie brands in the world. Soft, romantic, and youthful are the thematic undertones of this lingerie brand. The brand also curates a wonderful collection of printed, laced, and vintage choices that just adds to the mood. One of the most commendable aspects of this brand is its uncompromising attention to the quality of the fabric used. As a result, you will not only be wearing one of the most beautiful lingerie but also wearing one of the most comfortable and body-loving undergarments.
  3. Agent Provocateur
    The stunning collection of lingerie that Agent Provocateur offers is just fabulous. Being the brainchild of Joseph Corré, the brand progressively occupied the lingerie market in the United Kingdom and eventually the world. The idea is to create sensually titillating pieces that highlight the features of the body. Every piece of lingerie in its collection reeks of the mood from erotica and can effortlessly transform the mood. For this brand, lingerie is not just a garment; it is instrumental in empowering women by making them confident about their body and bold in their choices. Any of my women readers who are keen on experimenting with highly erotic but elegant lingerie should certainly consider Agent Provocateur.
  4. Fleur of England
    Based in London, Fleur of England is a luxury lingerie brand known for having a global presence. Every lingerie in its kitty has been designed with great care and attention to detail. The designs inspire femininity, elegance, and romance. On top of that, intricate details are added which provide a wholesome appearance to the piece. While the brand is known for many things, it is especially known for providing lingerie of wonderful fitting. Customers note that its products just blend with the skin and almost feel like a second skin to them. Such a feat is infrequently seen in the world of lingerie fashion. Breathable, stylish, and aesthetic are what define the brand—and that’s enough for any woman to fall in love with it.
  5. Pleasurements
    Another bondage-inspired luxury lingerie brand, Pleasurements is a Dutch brand that was established by Rebecca van der Wurff. She planned to create lingerie that is erotic, powerful, and bold. Any piece you pick from the brand’s collection and you will feel the impact it has on the onlooker. So, imagine how it would feel wearing an exceptional brand like this? Pleasurements enhances your curves, sits well on your body, is soft on your skin, and oozes of sensual vibe too strong to resist. Most importantly, the brand offers exceptionally good sizes. For seeking the utmost pleasure from wearing your lingerie, go for Pleasurements. You won’t be disappointed!

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