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These Are The Best Chinese Language Learning Apps

Most people on the planet choose to learn Chinese as a second language. Although it is considered one of the hardest languages to learn, there are many people from company executives to university students who wish to study Chinese. Nobody says that it is easy to learn but at least the below apps will help you through your studying process.

Best Chinese Language Learning Apps

  1. Du Chinese: This app best fits people who want to improve their reading skills. It is easy to use and for those who want to load information they have to know that it only takes some seconds. Users can either read by themselves or listen to an audio recording. The pinyin layout is easy to use and it also supports English translations for words and sentences. Users can learn Chinese through interesting topics about Chinese culture, current events, and everyday life in China.
  2. Zizzle: People who find it difficult to memorize Chinese characters appreciate Zizzle as a very useful tool. Chinese characters are presented in an effective and funny way so the user can easily memorize them. More specifically, images and short stories are used for this reason.
  3. Pleco: This is a Chinese dictionary app. It is one of the most frequently used. Its’ main key features are the Chinese handwriting recognition, providing the option to handwrite instead of typing in pinyin, the OCR which allows the user to look up unknown words «live» by using the camera of his/her device, and the order guides which advises the user how to write the Chinese characters in the proper order.
  4. Chineseclass101: This is a Chinese listening app. With language instruction podcasts users can improve their pronunciation and boost their listening comprehension skills. This app has extensive stuff of audio materials covering all levels. Each lesson also includes key grammar notes. Undoubtedly, this app helps the user improve his listening skills while with the interactive voice recorder tool offered the user can record his pronunciation and compare it to that of a native speaker.
  5. Chinesepod: Chinesepod offers a variety of lessons with an extra focus on interactive exercises for learning new words and phrases. Not to forget to mention that it is a podcast Mandarin app. The material in each lesson is increased step by step while English explanations are also available.
  6. Hello Chinese: This app starts with basic pinyin so it best fits for beginners. The main characteristic of this app is that allows the users to listen and record their own voice and automatically check if their pronunciation is correct. Furthermore, users can test the knowledge they get by trying exercises or quizzes.
  7. HelloTalk: This app has over one million users. Through this app is easy to find natives from China willing to help you practice Chinese. The main key features of this app are the voice and text chat, the translation offered to help users to read in English what someone typed in Chinese, and the voice recognition system. The latter means that the users can simply speak and the system will attempt to convert that to text to send to their language partners.
  8. Skritter: In this app the range of vocabulary offered is extensive. Usually, it is taken straight from textbooks. This app could best fit language learners who are using a particular textbook in their classes. Users can search the textbook in the database and pull the vocabulary right from there. The lists are organized by the learner level and alphabetically. Skritter also offers users the opportunity to look up their progress daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  9. FluentU: The main characteristic of this app is that takes real-world Chinese videos like music videos, commercials, etc and turns them into personalized and engaging language learning experiences. The content is updated often. You will note this while scrolling through the videos.
  10. Anki: This app helps users to build their vocabulary. Anki is an effective flashcard program that is free. Anki uses a repetition program that improves learners’ ability to remember new words.

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