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A Day In New York City: What To Do And See?

New York City together with Paris has been for decades two of the most popular touristic centers in the world, attracting visitors mainly from Europe, Canada, Australia, and U.S.A. Its history has led people from other place to live in this city and bring all their culture and costume to this location.

One could say that it is hard to identify something as local since everything comes from another place. Still, this multicultural face of New York holds a uniqueness that makes it very attractive. For those who live in the city, all these are pretty obvious, but one thing that is commonly true for everyone is that whether you live in New York or you are just passing by for business or some vacation the city can provide everything. It is never hard to find things to do in New York. The hard thing is to manage to enjoy the city in a timely fashion way. Trying to summarize the city’s heartbreak here is what we assume a fun day would be like:

Start your day in the most exciting way, rent a helicopter tour to see Manhattan highlights from the sky. Walking in the overcrowded economy center of New York is fun but not relaxing. Here the experience with the helicopter will allow you to fly close to the skyscrapers and take the most breathtaking pictures of the city. There are several companies that provide this kind of service. The ride will probably last 20 minutes and the cost will be around 250 $. Of course, this is ideal for people who want to avoid crowds.

Next, you can go for a tasty brunch at Intersect Lexus Restaurant, located at the heart of the city. Y can have American, Israeli and international dishes served in a delightful environment. All chefs that have worked there have had amazing reviews plus the restaurant is at the historical center of the New York on 14th avenue and next to the Ground Zero Museum. With prices varying from 35 $ to 100 $, it is a nice place to start your gastronomic experience of the city.

Since you are in New York a quick look at the stores would be no harm I guess. The Upper 5th Avenue (between 49th and 60th Streets) is apparently the second most expensive shopping street in the world, and there is a reason for that. A walkthrough over there will definitely worth the trouble and give you options for clothing, accessories, cosmetics, gadgets, and gifts.

After walking and shopping, I would recommend having a tour where you can relax and stay sit. Again staying at the center of the city we propose you go for  horse carriage ride at Central Park, Rockefeller and the Time Square. The tours are private with a maximum of 4 people and pre-booked in order to guarantee the availability. The price is around 200 $ per ride, which means that if you want to be alone or with your partner and friends that is totally fine as long as you cover the whole cost of the ride. You can expect it to last 50 minutes and include a local guide.

Being next to Central Park you can also go for a styled photo shooting in the Park. You will have a private one-hour photo shooting with styling consultation to get a professional portrait. You can chose your favorite spot in the Park or let yourself available to the photographer’s recommendations. This is a new thing and could possibly be the next trend. Right now the price is around 170 $.

By now we assume you might be hungry! 300 meters from Rockefeller Center is a beautiful restaurant with American cuisine at 100 $ to 200$ called ”The Moder”. The restaurant is not new and has been traveler’s choice for 2020 in Trip Advisor. It has received over 2.500 reviews and it is a perfectly safe choice for dinner. Of course, there is also ”Daniel” and ”The Bernadin” for french dishes or ”Nerai” for a Mediterranean option, which is all amazing but since you are in New York we don’t want to deprive you from the privilege to go for the traditional.

Last but not least, a visit to New York requires a visit to the theater or another cultural event. Brooklyn still provides live performances for the lovers of theater and music. The show vary depending on the date you are going to be there.

For those who don’t want to find themselves sitting in a crowded place in the middle of a pandemic, we would probably suggest to quietly withdraw to the luxury suite in ”The Surrey” hotel. The morning will find you have your breakfast in a lovely scenery at the center of the city again with a big smile of what this city holds for us.

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