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These Are The Best Books for Every Fashion Lover Out There

Fashion is so much more than just ramp walks and fancy clothes. Behind the glamorous life, richly covered in magazines lies the hard work and dedication of so many people. These editors, designers, and photographers have given us much of the fashion industry we know today. Departing, they have left behind their experiences and recollections in their books and memoirs.

As a student of fashion or an interested individual, it is highly recommended that you do read the mentioned books. You will walk away with a wealth of knowledge that you never experienced before. From titans of the industry to renowned editors, everyone has something to teach you about the world of fashion.

  1. How To Dress For Success: For a book that was written in the 1960s, Edith Head’s book holds up surprisingly well for most of the part. Part of the charm of the book is the stark contrast that it offers in comparison to the fashion world of today. It is a great trip down the alley of time if you are looking to know about the journey of fashion.
    Edith Head was one of the most acclaimed designers of her time. She has won a record eight Oscars for her work with some of the biggest stars of the 1950s. Be it Audrey Hepburn or Mae West, she has dressed everyone. Even if for nothing else, you should read this book for the plethora of knowledge it holds.
  2. Gods And Kings: The Rise And Fall Of Alexander McQueen And John Galliano: Written by Dana Thomas, the book serves as the perfect insight into the darker world of fashion. It starts with the introduction to the works of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano which was revolutionary when it first debuted. From there on it tells us about the fall of the iconic duo. Alexander McQueen ended his life after a very long struggle with drugs and mental illness.
    John Galliano has managed to make somewhat of a comeback after his career imploded owing to certain distasteful remarks he made. The book is not a breezy romance with the world of fashion but rather sheds light on the dark underbelly of the industry. It makes for a gripping read and shows the true picture of a very glamorous world.
  3. Grace: A Memoir: Written by Grace Coddington, the book is the story of her journey through the world of fashion. She started as a model and was on her way to earning global fame when a car accident left her dreams dashed. But she did not give up her passion; she went from being an on-camera model to behind the screen to become one of the most famous editors of all time.
    Her memoir published in 2012 tells us about her journey and the hardships she overcame. She served for more than a decade as the creative director of American Vogue, a time that is vividly recorded in the book.
  4. D.V.: Diana Vreeland is a star of the 20th century. From being one of the most well-known fashion editors to socializing with the elite of the 1950s and 1960’s New York, she has done it all. Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue grew up under her guidance and her articles were often the gospel for aspiring designers. This book is her autobiography and was published in 1984.
    The book is filled with anecdotes, observations, and thoughts on what the future is going to be like. All through the pages you will chuckle at her witticism and get to know about the personal world of people like Coco Chanel and Clark Gable.
  5. The Little Dictionary Of Fashion: Written by Christian Dior (the man needs no introduction), it is one of the best books ever to be written on fashion. It goes a long way in dispelling the myth that you need to have money to be able to afford fashion. According to the author, all that you need is elegance and care while choosing, wearing, and keeping your clothes.
    Although there are certain sections where the book has not aged gracefully, it remains indispensable when it comes to fashion. To add to the leisure of the book, it is filled with beautiful illustrations and generous discussions of his own.

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