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These Are the World’s Best Desserts for 2020

Do you like desserts? If you were asked to describe your favorite one which would it be? The world – from Australia to USA and from Europe to Africa – is full of different sweet flavors. Some are more popular and some less. What are the world’s best desserts? We thought we knew. Apparently we don’t. So we threw it open to a vote on the CEOWORLD magazine poll. And now, after more than 849,400 votes, it appears we got it all wrong. The world’s most delicious dessert is not Cheesecake, but Alfajores. The world’s 10 best desserts according to CEOWORLD magazine readers are below. Bon appetit.

  1. Alfajores (VOTES: 95,400): This is a traditional dessert that can be found in neighborhood bakeries all over South America. The main ingredients of alfajores are flour, honey, almonds, hazelnuts, and dulce de leche. Alfajores are presented in a cylindrical shape. There is one layer of biscuit, a second layer of dulce de leche which is the filling, and one more layer of biscuit. Alfajores are really popular in Argentina, Peru, and Uruguay.
  2. Gulab Jamun (VOTES: 94,100): It is an Indian sweet. Its main ingredients are khoa and saffron. Khoa is milk reduced in the consistency of a soft dough. There is a specific process in order khoa (milk solids) to be prepared. Then khoa is kneaded into a dough with a small amount of flour and shaped into small balls. These balls are fried in oil or clarified butter and often garnished with dried nuts such as almonds.
  3. Kashata (VOTES: 90,700): It is a traditional East African sweet sold in markets and street corners. The main ingredients are grated coconut, sugar, a little water, cardamom, and saffron. All the ingredients are mixed and cooked on low heat (the secret is the caramelized sugar) and then small bars are prepared.
  4. Medovik (VOTES: 88,500): It is one of Russia’s most beloved cakes. The main ingredients are flour, sour cream, sugar, eggs, and honey. This cake consists of many layers of dough and cream filling. It is often covered with nuts. Nowadays, there are many variations of Medovik, with condensed milk, buttercream, or custard.
  5. Oliebollen (VOTES: 85,300): Oliebollen comes from the Netherlands and is a delicious way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. In fact, oliebollen are oil balls. The main ingredients used for the preparation of this sweet are flour, eggs, yeast, salt, milk, baking powder, and currants. Two spoons are usually used to scoop a certain amount of dough which then is put into a deep fryer filled with hot oil. Oliebollen are best eaten hot from street stands called oliebollenkrams.
  6. Jian Dui (VOTES: 82,100): Also called sesame balls. This Chinese dessert is made of glutinous rice flour, sesame seeds, and various fillings such as lotus seed, black bean, or red bean pastes. The crispy balls are fried. Inside the ball is a large hollow caused by the expansion of the dough. Depending on the region, jian dui is known as matuan in northern China, ma yuan in northeast China and zhen dai in Hainan.
  7. Sticky Toffee Pudding (VOTES: 81,400): It is one of the most delicious British desserts. It has a base of soft cake studded with chopped dates, then drowned in a creamy sauce. Much of its distinctive flavor comes from treacle or molasses. It is considered as a British classic dessert.
  8. Tiramisu (VOTES: 78,600): It is a very popular Italian dessert with a base of savoy cookies (or other cookies that are easily rubbed) moistened with coffee and covered with a cream made of mascarpone, cream, eggs, and sugar. In some variations, the cream is also flavored with liqueur. The origin of tiramisu is between Friuli and Veneto.
  9. Kouign Amann (VOTES: 77,200): It is a type of cake with the origin in Brittany- France. The main ingredients of kouign amann are yeast-leavened dough, butter, and sugar. Actually, this dessert contains layers of butter and sugar but the strict recipe requires a ratio of 40% dough, 30% butter, and 30% sugar. It is slowly baked until the butter puffs up the dough and the sugar caramelizes.
  10. Cheesecake (VOTES: 76,100): We won’t refer to the regular cheesecake but a different one that comes from Japan. It is soft, light, and fluffy. And of course, this cheesecake is baked. The main ingredients are flour, cream cheese, butter, milk, eggs, and sugar.

    The secret is an unusual technique of blending beaten egg whites – a meringue – with cream cheese and vanilla. This secret makes the cake rise tall without using baking powder.

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