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These Are The Best College Campuses In Canada, 2020

Canada is blessed with lots of beaches, forests, lakes, and mountains. Students love to explore these natural wonders over the weekend. Such natural beauty is also part of the landscape of some of the university campuses.

Many universities have old buildings with unmatched timeless charm. Their combination with natural greenery makes them even more gorgeous.

Universities in Canada attract thousands of students from all over the world, thanks to their renowned education system. And their campuses are so lovely that they attract tourists as well.

The best college campuses in Canada are as follows:

  1. University of Toronto – Toronto, ON: One of the many green spaces in Toronto, Queen’s Park is one of the star attractions of the University of Toronto. The St. George’s campus is arguably the best of the three campuses. It has several historic buildings made with Gothic and Romanesque architecture. The greenery of the downtown location goes well with the ancient structures.

    You must visit the Old Vic. This grand structure is the oldest building in the college. The University College is the founding college of the University of Toronto. Its Laidlaw quadrangle resembles a medieval courtyard.

    The Mississauga campus is set on the Credit River over 225 acres of greenery. This riverside greenery attracts students and visitors alike.

  2. University of British Columbia – Vancouver, BC: The landscape of the University of British Columbia is dominated by forest, ocean, and mountains. Students get to explore beaches and mountains that are just a stone’s throw away from the campus.
    It’s safe to say the university is like a small town equipped with all the necessary amenities within walking distance.
    The UBC Farm is a 24-hectare large patch of greenery at the southern end of the university. It is home to the only yurt on any university campus in the world.

    The literary quotes on the outer walls of the spacious and airy UBC library add to the beauty of the campus. Unlike most structures in the campus, the Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health is a modern and unorthodox glass structure.
  3. Queen’s University – Kingston, ON: Queen’s University was founded in 1841 by a royal charter issued by Queen Victoria. And it lives up to its name. The waterfront location by Lake Ontario greatly amplifies the beauty of this campus.
    The campus is known for its limestone buildings that adorn elaborate architecture. You will find the famous Harry Potter room at the top of Douglas Library.

    You should visit in fall as the leaves have magnificent shades of orange and red at that time of the year. The university’s archaic charm is mesmerizing. It could be because the university is 25-years older than the country!
  4. McGill University – Montreal, QC: The downtown campus at the foot of Mount Royal is full of green spaces and offers stunning views of the tree-clad mountain. Students make the most of the numerous bike and walking paths that are part of the campus. The botanical garden has skiing trails.
    The Macdonald campus features buildings that are more than a century old. These age-old buildings are known for their sturdy stone walls and ornate stained-glass windows.

    The campus also has a few plazas that have been conveniently turned into splendid gardens. The scenic St. Lawrence River is nearby, too.
    The McCall McBain Arts building is a landmark building designed in a Classical style. Built in 1843, it is the oldest building on the campus.
  5. Bishop’s University – Sherbrooke, QC: Bishop’s University is spread across 500 acres. It is referred to as the “Oxford of the Massawippi” thanks to its Gothic Revival architecture. It features some of Quebec’s most famed buildings.
    Elaborate woodwork and stained-glass windows are the highlight feature of St. Mark’s Cathedral. No wonder many couples choose to exchange their vows at this wonderful chapel.

    The oldest building on campus, the McGreer Hall is a castle with a striking red color. A delight to see, the building looks even more spectacular in winter, when it gets covered in snow.
    Apart from the architectural heritage, it is also blessed with natural wonders. It has the Massawippi River on one side and St. Francis River on the other. Both these rivers are a prominent part of the campus’ landscape.

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