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Best Global Universities For Engineering In Japan, 2020

Japan has faced countless natural disasters because of its climate and topography. It has experienced numerous disasters like earthquakes and typhoons. Despite being prone to natural calamities, Japan has managed to remain a global superpower. As Napoleon Hill once said, “In every adversity lies the seed of an equal or greater opportunity”. Japan seems to have grabbed this opportunity with both hands.

Thanks to its remarkable engineering resources, Japan is prepared to face all possible disasters. Measures have been taken to make all their structures resistant to earthquakes and tsunamis.

No wonder thousands of international students study in Japan’s engineering colleges. Here is the list of Japan’s best engineering colleges:

  1. The University of Tokyo (Todai or UTokyo): Also known as Todai or UTokyo, the University of Tokyo became the first imperial university when it was established in 1877. It is now the best-ranked university in Japan. The university has 10 faculties, 15 graduate schools, and around 30,000 students. 2,100 of these are international students. The University of Tokyo is part of the elite universities that are part of MEXT’s Top Global University Project that aims to improve Japan’s position in the global education picture. University of Tokyo’s stellar alumni includes 7 prime ministers, 16 Nobel Prize laureates, 3 Pritzker Prize laureates, 3 astronauts, and a Fields Medalist. The University of Tokyo was ranked No. 26 globally among the Best Universities In The World For 2020, according to the CEOWORLD magazine
  2. Kyoto University: Since its birth as a national university in 1897, Kyoto University has always prioritized research. That is why it has become one of the most renowned research-oriented universities in Asia. It has also stood firmly by its principles to promote academic freedom.  8% of its 22,400 students are foreign nationals. Spread over 333 acres, Kyoto University also invests significantly in developing advanced technology. By doing so, it acquires intellectual properties. It gives back to the society by imparting knowledge and getting involved in social activities. Kyoto University was ranked No. 44 globally among the Best Universities In The World For 2020, according to the CEOWORLD magazine.
  3. Osaka University: Founded in 1931, Osaka University has 11 undergraduate schools, 16 graduate schools, and 5 research institutes. 10% of its 23,000 students come from outside of Japan. Osaka University has strived for excellence in education and research throughout its 90-year history. That is the biggest reason why it is now among the few distinguished universities in Japan. Sony founder Akio Morita and lithium-ion battery inventor Akira Yoshino are the most notable alumni of Osaka University. Osaka University was ranked No. 90 globally among the Best Universities In The World For 2020, according to the CEOWORLD magazine.
  4. Nagoya University: The education system of Nagoya University is unique. Thanks to the priority given to research, Nagoya University has made significant research contributions in several fields. Apart from 9 faculties and 13 graduate schools, this university also has 3 research institutes and 18 research centers that focus on sciences. Nagoya University has nurtured many of the country’s leaders. Former CEO of Toyota, Shoichiro Toyoda, and Japanese diplomat Uichiro Niwa, are two of the most famous alumni of Nagoya University. Nagoya University was ranked No. 99 globally among the Best Universities In The World For 2020, according to the CEOWORLD magazine.
  5. Tohoku University: Since it was founded in 1907, Tohoku University is the third imperial university. While other imperial universities were more concerned with the government’s needs, Tohoku University was focused on science. Tohoku University has since contributed immensely to education and research in Japan. The alumni include the 2002 Nobel Prize winner Koichi Tanaka. Out of 17,000 students, 1,500 are international students coming from 90 different countries. About 10,000 of these students are enrolled in undergraduate programs, followed by 4,000 students in masters programs, and 2,600 students in doctoral programs. Tohoku University was ranked No. 101 globally among the Best Universities In The World For 2020, according to the CEOWORLD magazine.
  6. Hokkaido University: Hokkaido University became Japan’s first higher education institution to award bachelor’s degrees after it was founded in 1876.  The concepts of all-round education, global perspectives, and practical learning have been crucial in building and maintaining Hokkaido University’s prestige. Before leaving Sapporo, the first Vice-Principal, Dr. William Clark had told students, “Boys, be ambitious”. Ambition has driven this university forward ever since. Hokkaido University is most known for extensive research in the fields of chemistry, earth and ocean sciences, and material sciences. Business administration, economics, law, and medicine are the other notable faculties. Hokkaido University was ranked No. 151 globally among the Best Universities In The World For 2020, according to the CEOWORLD magazine.
  7. Kyushu University: Kyushu University has been providing top-quality education and research facilities ever since it was established in 1903. Approximately 12% of the students are international students. Kyushu University’s image of a science-focused university got an aesthetic makeover when the Kyushu Institute of Design was made part of the university. Because Kyushu University has persistently sought progress in the fields of education and research, it was reorganized to become a national university corporation in 2005. Kyushu University was ranked No. 203 globally among the Best Universities In The World For 2020, according to the CEOWORLD magazine.

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