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Top 10 English University Programs in Dusseldorf, 2020

Dusseldorf Germany

What if you are a native English speaker but for some reason you want to move to Germany and study there? Actually, not speaking the German language is not a barrier as there are plenty of options for studying in English courses. If you are enthusiastic about this idea, just read this article to see which English university programs are offered in Dusseldorf, a town that attracts many foreign students.

  1. Masters in Biology (Heinrich Heine University).
    Most Bachelor programs of the Heinrich Heine University are taught in the German language. Though there are some Masters programs that are friendly for international students. For example, the courses for the Masters in Biology are taught in English and the students must have a good knowledge of the English language. Also, students must have a bachelor’s degree in any other related course in order to follow their studies with a Masters in Biology.
  2. Masters in Physics (Heinrich Heine University).
    Another program that it is taught in English at Heinrich Heine University is the Masters in Physics. It is a two-year program and it fits those students who want to work in companies with a high demand for this knowledge.
  3. Translational Neuroscience (Heinrich Heine University).
    Students interested in neuroscience can choose the program of Translational Neuroscience at the Heinrich Heine University which is a consecutive course to its Bachelor counterpart. Students go through basic and clinical research projects. It is worth mentioning that Heinrich Heine University has some of the world’s best research laboratories.
  4. Masters in Leadership and Management (IUBH University).
    This program is designed to help students to acquire all the needed skills in a market that has a lot of challenges. It is available for international students who can follow it either part-time or full – time.
  5. Masters in International Management/Engineering Management (IUBH University).
    It is a two in one course. Students can attend the two courses together or can either choose only one part. The participants are taught the right skills in order to handle situations that technology clashes with management. This program best fits to students interested in working to administrative sections of engineering corporations.
  6. Bachelor in Fashion Design (AMD Academy).
    The AMD Academy has a study center in Dusseldorf. The program offered in Fashion Design is in English and its duration includes seven semesters. The students who want to attend this course will acquire all the necessary skills to create designs and sign profitable contracts in the fashion industry.
  7. IMPRS-SurMat (Max Planck Institute).
    It is a doctoral program offered in English with almost a three years duration. The course focuses on researching interfaces of various advanced metals. It best fits specialists such as physicists, engineers, and chemists who do research in the same field.
  8. MBA in General Management (Dusseldorf Business School).
    The Dusseldorf Business School is a part of the Heinrich – Heine University. The MBA in General Management is taught in English and it is offered part-time. The duration of the program is extended to almost 21 months. This program can be chosen by students that they want to combine studies with work at the same time.
  9. Bachelor in International Business Administration (Otto Beisheim School of Management).
    The Otto Beisheim School of Management is a private business school that has a campus in Dusseldorf. The Bachelor in International Business Administration is offered in English courses. Also, a Masters of Science Program is taught in English.
  10. Masters in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (Witten/Herdecke University).
    If you would like to travel a little bit out of the city of Dusseldorf, you can choose the Witten/Herdecke University. There it is offered a Masters’s degree in English that combines philosophy, politics, and economics. Students are taught all the basic skills in order to be prepared for a unique career and make a change in politics, government, or related fields.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Education - Top 10 English University Programs in Dusseldorf, 2020
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