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Best Trips In Venezuela, 2020

Venezuela is blessed with immense natural diversity and is known for its flourishing forests, a gorgeous coastline, and beautiful lakes and waterfalls. It’s also home to a wide array of wildlife, including capybara, crocodiles, anteaters, anacondas, toucans, dolphins, etc. that makes it to the top 17 diverse countries in the world. Venezuela offers thrilling landscapes with countless waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, hiking trails, and enormous trekking opportunities. Its coastal national parks are perfect for a day-out, a long walk, or relaxation.

  1. Barquisimeto
    If you are someone who is deeply interested in history and art and architecture, this is the best place to go to (in Venezuela). It is the home to plenty of monuments, like Cathedral of Barquisimeto, MonumentoManto de MaríaDivinaPastora, Flor de Venezuela, Obelisco De Barquisimeto, etc. If MonumentoManto de MaríaDivinaPastora is an astonishing characterization of the Virgin Mary (the prospective tallest kinetic art sculpture in the world), Flor de Venezuela is a paradigmatic pavilion, the roof of which is made of 16 petals that open and close depending upon the weather.
  2. Canaima

    Canaima features interesting and mind-boggling sites. Canaima National Park is the home to the tallest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls. It is one of the most scenic, serene, magnetizing, and spell-bounding tourist attractions in the country. Reaching here, in itself, is a great adventure, including an airplane ride, boating, and hiking. Adventure seekers must not skip TepuiPark, as it offers cliff jumping, trekking, sky diving, and mountain climbing. Skipping the village life at Kavac is a big ‘No’! Due to lack of accessibility, it remains poised and untouched, and hence, the place is available with its raw beauty.
  3. Caracas
    Caracas offers magnificent landscapes that can be easily captured by cable cars running into the mountains. It has one of the world’s longest cable cars, doesn’t it sound interesting? A 20-minute drive away from Caracas is Cerro El Ávila, from the top of which, one can easily see the glorious Caribbean Sea. You will see a varied range of flora and fauna in its forests, the most beautiful being the Easter orchid, its National Flower. If you happen to be here in the second half of October, you are fortunate enough to witness the grand El Hatillo Music Festival where the country’s famed musicians play different music styles.
  4. Carupano
    Carupano carries a huge history, right from the 17th century. Besides, the place is also known for its heavenly beaches, tall coconut trees, crystal clear water, glittering sands, tempting treats, music, coffee plantations, and panoramic views. It also serves top-rated cacao crops, rum, and seafood. You can find the country’s most scenic beach, Playa Medina, right here. Interested in learning about the coffee plantation while on a trip? Simply give a visit to its scenic cacao fields and get to know minutest details about it. You can’t stop grooving your body on the salsa beats and throbbing steel drums during any festival.
  5. Ciudad Bolivar
    The Land of Musicians is a great tourist attraction for a plethora of reasons, whether you talk of its cuisines or structures, art, or gardens. A super-specialty of this place is the Angostura Bridge, a mile-long suspension bridge across the Orinoco River. It leaves the person awestruck with stunning views. Another thing to amaze people is the inherent art you see wherever you go. Jesús Soto Museum of Modern Art and Casa delCongreso de Angostura are mind-blowing examples for the same. You also have this small yet glorious island Piedra Del Medio to get lost to.

Venezuela is undoubtedly beautiful and unspoiled. So, you can experience calmness, serenity, and freshness in this isolated South American country. Filled with art, radiance, and beauty, Venezuelans always welcome tourists with a warm heart. So, when are you planning to explore this stunning place?

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