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Best Places To Visit In Eastern Europe, 2020

Most tourists yearn to visit popular Western European destinations like Ibiza, London, and Paris. However, Eastern Europe is quite underrated and deserves more attention and tourists.

Eastern Europe is quite rich in terms of culture and historical significance. Accommodation, food, and transport don’t burn a hole in your pocket either.

Here’s our list of the best places to visit in Eastern Europe:

  1. Sofia, Bulgaria
    Sofia is full of museums, parks, and places of worship. You must visit the pristine Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Its Neo-Byzantine architecture and divine vibes make it a must-visit.

    Vitosha Mountain offers excellent hiking and skiing opportunities. You will be reenergized by the tea served in the tea stall on the peak. You can wash down delightful dishes like banitsa and moussaka with some rakia.

  2. Kiev, Ukraine
    One of the city’s main squares, the MaidanNezalezhnosti, is close to many attractions. The golden-domed PecherskLavra, St. Michael’s Monastery, and St. Sophia Cathedral are must-visit religious places. You can shop for local produce at BessarabskyRynok, antiques at Kurazh Bazar, and Ukrainian fashion at VsiSvoi.
    Kiev (Kyiv), Ukraine
    Authentic Ukrainian dishes like Borscht and Chicken Kiev are inexpensive. But you must also be a part of the street food festivals in the city.
  3. Bratislava, Slovakia
    You can go shopping enjoy the growing café scenes in the cobblestoned streets of the Old Town. You can learn a lot about this charming city by visiting the Danubiana Muelensteen Art Museum and the Slavin Memorial.
    You must visit the UFO Tower to enjoy spectacular 360-degree views of Bratislava. The tower shoots green laser beams when the city is illuminated for the Festival of Lights. The Old Town Hall and Michael’s Gate also offer extraordinary panoramic views.
  4. Belgrade, Serbia
    Devoted to the master inventor, the Nikola Tesla Museum is a must-visit. You can unwind at some of the best cafes in the hipster neighborhood of Dorcol. If you are visiting Belgrade in the summer, Ada Ciganlija will help you get that tan.

    Belgrade is known as the city that never sleeps thanks to its bar scenes. The Old Town and Republic Square are the best areas for their happening nightlife.
  5. Tallinn, Estonia
    Viru Gates let you into the majestic Old Town. The well-conserved star attraction takes you back to medieval times. The Baltics are renowned for their craft beer, and Estonia is at the top of the pile.
    The Kohtuotsa viewing platform atop Toompea Hill offers mesmerizing views of the whole city. Telliskivi Creative City is full of cafes, restaurants, and street art. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, St. Olaf’s Church, and Toompea Castle are other notable attractions.
  6. Moscow, Russia
    The Moscow Kremlin is the Russian equivalent of the White House. Once the host of official military parades to demonstrate the strength of Soviet armed forces, the Red Square is now a major tourist spot.

    You’ll get to learn about Moscow in museums such as the Pushkin State Museum and the State Tretyakov Gallery. Gorky Central Park is a lovely place to hang out with your family. St. Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin’s Mausoleum are two more must-visits in Moscow.
    You can enjoy authentic Russian ballet performances at the Bolshoi Theater. The Garden Ring district is known for its happening bar scenes and lively nightlife.
  7. Dubrovnik, Croatia
    Dubrovnik is a fantastic summer holiday destination. You’ll be able to view the city from all angles with a walk along the Dubrovnik walls. The narrow streets of the Old Town are lined with restaurants and shops.
    You must take a ride on the cable car to enjoy captivating views of the city and the Adriatic coast. You can enjoy the same over a fancy dinner at the Panorama Restaurant.
    By the way, Dubrovnik is King’s Landing. You can visit Blackwater Bay, the House of the Undying, and the street where Cersei made her walk of shame!
  8. Warsaw, Poland
    Having seen some dark days in the past, Warsaw has risen from its ashes. It is also a very affordable holiday destination. You can leisurely stroll at the Old Town and the Old Town Market Square.
    The Royal Castle is a humongous red-brick castle that once housed Polish monarchs. The Warsaw Rising Museum is dedicated to those who fought and died for Poland during World War II.
    You have many bars, cafes, and cuisine to explore in Warsaw. You must try the delicious local specialties like bigos, pierogi, pyzy, sernik, zrazy, and zapiekanka.

Other noteworthy places:

  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Krakow, Poland
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Sibiu, Romania
  • Vilnius, Lithuania

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