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Best Culinary Schools in Canada, 2020

Canadian cuisine is inspired by many other cuisines. Mainly British and French. So, you can expect a comprehensive learning experience in the culinary schools in Canada. You may start your culinary journey as a baker, chef, or server. However, the best culinary schools train their students well enough to climb the professional ladder. So, before growing into a senior professional in the hospitality industry.

Although Canada’s economy has taken a hit due to the pandemic. But the country has not been under lockdown for more than two months. Things are improving. So, aspiring chefs should not be worried about their job prospects.

You should consider taking the certification test to get Red Seal Certified. The world-class hotels and restaurants in Canada prefer hiring Red Seal, Certified professionals. All of this makes Canada an exciting destination for culinary studies.

The best culinary schools in Canada, 2020

  1. SAIT School of Hospitality and Tourism: SAIT School of Hospitality and Tourism is one of Canada’s leading hospitality schools, offering students the opportunity to learn through action-based learning and industry partnerships. SAIT School of Hospitality and Tourism was ranked No. 21 globally among the Best Hospitality And Hotel Management Schools In The World For 2020, according to the CEOWORLD magazine. There are four culinary programs available here:
    – Culinary Entrepreneurship (Post-Diploma Certificate)
    – Professional Cooking (2 years Diploma)
    – Baking and Pastry Arts (2 years Diploma)
    – Butchery and Charcuterie Management (1-year Certificate)
  2. Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (PICA) – Vancouver, BC
    While studying at PICA, you can access some of Canada’s top-rated hotels and restaurants located in its downtown locality. You may pursue either the culinary arts program or the baking program. The year-long dual diploma course is a combination of both these programs. You will learn butchery, cheese, dietary restrictions, nutrition, plating, wine, and much more. PICA has partnered with a seafood conservation program that promotes sustainable consumption in the student-run Bistro 101 and Bakery 101.
    – Study programs and duration:
    – Professional Culinary Arts Diploma – 6 months
    – Professional Baking & Pastry Diploma – 6 months
    – Professional Culinary/Baking & Pastry Arts Dual Diploma (A combination of the first two programs) – 1 year
  3. The Culinary Institute of Canada (Holland College) – Charlottetown, PEI
    Canada’s Culinary Youth Team comes from the CIC. The Maritimes region is blessed with access to some of the best marine products on Earth. You can use top-quality local fishes like cod, clams, mussels, scallops, and salmon.
    The Culinary Arts program and the Pastry Arts program both demand active participation from the students. They also provide supplementary training in management and presentation.
    If you are short on time, you can attend some of their boot camps. A chef takes you through the complete procedure from buying the raw material to making the dish as part of the boot camp.
    Study programs and duration:
    – Diploma in Culinary Arts – 2 years
    – Diploma in International Hospitality Management – 2 years
    – Certificate in Pastry Arts – 1 year
  4. Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver – Vancouver, BC
    NWCAV’s intensive courses are designed to make you a culinary expert. After that, you have a solid base on which you can build an excellent culinary career.
    The Professional Culinary Arts Diploma program teaches you to cook savory foods like grains, seafood, soups, stocks, and more. You will learn in detail how ingredients make it from the farm to the dining table.
    The Professional Bread and Pastry Arts Diploma course mainly deals with making desserts. It teaches you gluten-free baking and making bread, cakes, pastries, and sugar art.
    The 480-hour unpaid internship that comes only with the professional program is the real deal. You can land a lucrative job if you do well as an intern.
    Study programs and duration:
    – Professional Culinary Arts Diploma – 15 weeks
    – Professional Bread and Pastry Arts Diploma – 15 weeks
    – Professional Program (A combination of the first two programs + 480-hour Industry Co-op) – 1 year
    – Several boot camps – 4 hours to 7 weeks depending on the boot camp
  5. Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute – Ottawa, ON
    Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa is part of the 125-years old prestigious school network that has trained more than 20,000 students in its 35 institutes spread across 20 countries. You may opt for the Cuisine diploma program to master savory dishes and the Pastry Diploma program to improve upon your existing pastry-making skills.
    Some of the world’s best chefs teach you the terminology, basic techniques, advanced garnishing, and much more in this course. The extensive Grand Diplôme program is a combination of both the programs mentioned previously. You can get placed at any of the numerous hotels and resorts in partners of Le Cordon Bleu.
    Study programs and duration:
    – Cuisine Diploma – 9 months
    – Pastry Diploma – 9 months
    – Grand Diplôme (A combination of the first two programs) – 9 months
    – Diploma in Culinary Management – 3 months
    – Online Accredited Certificate courses – 6 months
    – Short courses – 3 months

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Best Culinary Schools in Canada, 2020
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