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CEO Spotlight: Tony M Fountain, The Founder Of Now Entertainment

Tony M Fountain, The Founder Of Now Entertainment

Now Entertainment was founded in 2011 by Tony M Fountain. Tony is a rapper turned entrepreneur and business owner. He was a single dad of two kids for years while building his company and has kept quiet and lowkey for some time now but we got the chance to ask him a few questions about the birth of his company and it’s evolution.

Tony produces and markets content, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Tony has his hand in various things from Wiki profiles to press releases, social media marketing, and SEO strategies. Tony is also a contributor to many other digital blogs and magazines other than his own.

In short, Tony and the company he founded nine years ago have one objective, and that is to solve any digital-age problems his clients need addressing.

What motivated you to start your company Now Entertainment, to begin with?

“I love music. I wanted to help others and I originally intended for it to be an outlet for only local recording artists to utilize. It was all about making music in the beginning, quality music, and not losing the material once it was created. Too many times I heard of hundreds of songs being lost because a computer failed and the files weren’t saved elsewhere such as in the cloud. Or great music was being made but lacked the promotion and marketing to get it heard and off the ground. I wanted to help tighten up those types of loose ends. I wanted to play my part in helping my friends and the local community to succeed. I went the extra mile in learning all types of things like for instance how to build a Hackintosh. The computer had six fans to keep it cool and three hard drives to make sure we didn’t lose any files ever again. I went to school for music business management at Full Sail University to learn more and spent almost everyday learning as much as I could. I honestly just wanted to see everyone win.”

Tony M Fountain, The Founder Of Now Entertainment

What have you learned from creating Now Entertainment?

“Wow, where do I begin to start? Patience, you definitely have to have patience! I’m a Virgo so I’m really meticulous about things, but I had to learn to be more open and flexible with new ideas. Although, being a bit overcritical has led to a lot of innovation at times. There have been various things I’ve learned along the way that I originally had no intention of learning. From coding, graphic design, marketing, and so much more. I was never really that good in school, mostly because I honestly didn’t give a shit about it. I cared more about playing, writing music, and girls but to be in this business you’re forced to pick up some books. So ultimately my reading and writing skills improved dramatically. There are a ton of different possible future scenarios where what I’ve learned over the years will play a part. At this point, I could shutdown Now Entertainment tomorrow and get a gig as a graphic artist, videographer, or even just consult other artists and entrepreneurs. I’m really thankful that, regardless of where we go from here, my interest and career in the entertainment field played a huge role in my overall growth by motivating me to learn so much and giving me options in the avenues I take from here on out!”

How did Now Entertainment become what it is today? 

“I started to see the potential to get more eye’s on our music by adding other content to our site. In the beginning, my thoughts were that if we could draw people into the website via free advertisement from other artists, influencers, models, business owners, and entrepreneurs sharing their stories that people would then take a look around the website and find our music and clothing. I began to get more deeply involved with learning so many things while doing this, I found so many ways to improve the foundation and how to run things more smoothly like automation, PR, SEO, etc. I kind of just continued down the rabbit hole and honestly I just got a bit lost in learning and growing; one day I looked around and noticed that we had all pretty much went our own separate ways, we’re doing our own things, and the original vision of Now Entertainment had become something slightly different & bigger. Never Off Work Entertainment, LLC now has multiple streams of income doing business as a studio & music group, magazine, and marketing agency. It was and is still built as a platform to help others reach success but now it’s on a larger scale.”

It’s a competitive world out there, and nowhere does that ring truer than in the digital age, but with problem-solvers like Tony on call to help you out, the path ahead suddenly seems a lot clearer and easier to navigate. You can catch Tony from time to time giving out tips on Entrepreneur magazine and other outlets as well. Here’s an example of one of his recent articles. Follow him on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn. You can also visit Now Entertainment and for more information visit

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - CEO Spotlight: Tony M Fountain, The Founder Of Now Entertainment
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