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Experience Luxury At Sea: The World’s Best Cruises To Take In 2021

As a person who has worked his/her way up life’s daunting challenges to find success, it is a no brainer that you will come to a point in life when you just want things to be laid out to you in a platter for once. After all, you deserve it. All the possessions and wealth you have accrued are not just to prove you’ve accomplished your goals; they are also there to make life easier for you and the people you care about. This is especially applicable to your leisure time, for you to see the beauty of the world while relaxing in a deck chair munching on fine delicacies.

That is where cruise vacations come into the picture. They offer you the supreme comfort of a vast ocean cruiser floating steadily in calm waters while offering you exquisite vistas and lovely ambiance and great food to boot. They are like your travel machines and hotels all rolled into one, and since they are booked in packages, you literally have to do nothing from the get-go. This article lists the top cruise vacations you can hop on to in 2021.

  1. Disney Cruise Line (The Eastern Caribbean Cruise).
    This cruise has something to offer for everyone in the family, whether its kids or adults or a mix of both. Sprawling over 7 nights consisting of the sea, sand, theme parks, and the peachy views offered by the Caribbean, this is a must-go if it’s all aboard from the family.
  2. Norwegian Cruise Line.
    An undoubted crown jewel of the Northern waters, the Norwegian cruise line has one of the best cruise ships on offer. Boasting of a beautiful cocktail lounge with a waterfront, spa, staterooms to suit your needs, and more than 15 dining venues, speak of staggering numbers. The itinerary is no less either. From the magnificent architecture of St Petersburg to the natural views offered by the northern waters, this 9day cruise has it all.
  3. Princess Cruise (Japan).
    Let the Diamond Princess (that’s the name of the ship) take you around the blossoming islands of Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, with their flower gardens. Apart from these, you’ll have the in-house entertainment to the max while having views of Mt Fuji. All in all, your 9 days will be well spent.
  4. Celebrity Cruises (covering Italy, Croatia, and Montenegro).
    Think world heritage sites, Naples, and a starting point at Venice in Italy. If you are as much of a fan of European Cuisine as you are of surreal natural views, its hard to comprehend why you would want to miss this 7-night cruise.
  5. Silversea Cruise.
    This is the cruise to hop on to if you want to get truly lost for almost 2 weeks because it will literally take you across the Atlantic while making a pitstop at the infamous Bermuda, where you’ll pay with pristine sands and clear waters. This is the epitome of being totally lost in total comfort.
  6. Holland America Line (Alaska Cruise).
    The Holland America Line is the one to go for if rocky, snowcapped mountains and glaciers are your thing. The fun doesn’t stop there though. You will be taking helicopter rides over the glaciers, cross waterways, fjords, and a lot more. So much adventure is so much comfort is hard to get a hold of.
  7. Seabourn Cruise.
    This is another 2-week detour into the world of awesomeness as you will go through the best there is in cruise ships, the Seabourne Venture boasting of amenities and luxury quite unheard of (think oceanfront suites and you’ll get the idea). Married with that experience will be the visuals and the culture provided by the Caribbean coastline. It is an unmissable cruise to bet your money on.
  8. Crystal Cruise (World Wonders).
    Ever thought of traveling around the world in the open seas while visiting the great wonders of the world? If you are up for it, this almost 5-month long cruise starts from Miami, Florida, crossing Panama, Australia, moving on to the Asian islands and on to the Middle East, before finally scraping through the Suez Canal to follow the coastlines in the Mediterranean and red seas culminating into London. That’s a truly global tour if you can handle the seasickness and considering the luxury, you will be getting aboard the Crystal Serenity, any potential ailments would just be an afterthought.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Experience Luxury At Sea: The World’s Best Cruises To Take In 2021
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