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4 Questions To Exceptional Service And Exceptional Productivity

Aside from a great product, clients, consumers, and customers make return purchases based on the service they received. Although we give the “service industry” its name because they provide a service (offer us food, coffee, or someplace to sleep), the underlying reason is that their “product” is more or less competitive. What distinguishes one company from the other then is more their service than their product.

For restaurants, the service they provide is not only in the fast cooking and quick delivery from the kitchen to the customer’s table but also the way they are treated, their feeling upon entry, and the feeling they have upon leaving. Food quality being equal, customers return based on the service and the feelings they received.

If companies wish to stay productive, organizational leaders will need to ensure that they have a company of service. Here are four questions every organizational leader must ask if they want to develop an exceptional service to their clients.

  1. Are my clients being given the best service possible?
    As an organizational leader, you most likely are not serving your company’s clients on the front lines. You are helping them from afar by ensuring those that serve them are excited, empowered, and equipped to provide the most exceptional service to them.
    Your clients, therefore, are not your company’s clients, but instead your staff and direct reports. As the an organizational leader, as an officer of the company, one of your responsibilities is to serve and protect your clients.
    So the first question you must ask is, “Is my team being given the most exceptional service by me? Do they feel excited when they walk in and satisfied when they leave?” Unless your team feels served to the same degree as they are expected to serve their clients, your team will inevitably lose the morale and motivation to give exceptional quality.
    Make sure your team feels served and protected by you.
  2. Does my team feel like they are a team?
    Imagine if your team saw everyone else on the team as competition or even an enemy. What would that result in? Back-stabbing, gossip, sabotage?
    Of course, your team isn’t like that. But, are they the opposite and ideal?
    Does your team support, encourage, publicly praise, and sacrifice for their teammates? Or, are they merely co-existing individuals, each trying to survive and thrive on their own?
    During the global pandemic, we have realized the necessity of teamwork. If just a few people do not feel part of the team, this could result in death, suffering, and businesses’ end.
    Make sure your team feels like they’re a team.
  3. Does my team know they are in the service industry?
    For many, if not most people, they see their jobs as just that, a job. They do not see it as the primary means in which they bring value to the world. To no fault of their own, they do not realize the significance and importance of the company, the product, and the service you collectively provide together.
    To ensure your company’s service quality, you will have to ensure that your team comes through the door each morning for more than a paycheck. They need to know that what they do, however “small,” contributes to a collective service that makes the world more ordered and good.
    An easy way to start this way of thinking is to ask your team, “What would the world be like if our company and every company like it, ceased to exist?” It will not take long for them to realize that the world will be much worse off and recognize the significance of their service.
    Make sure your team feels like they are contributing to the betterment of society.
  4. Is my team reprimanded or rewarded for providing exceptional service?
    Many organizations have no trouble agreeing to the importance of exceptional service. The challenge, however, is determining how remarkable do they genuinely want to be.
    When feeling empowered to go above and beyond, team members may go “too far,” resulting in the loss of resources for the company. At that point, they will either be rewarded or reprimanded.
    Great leaders will have to exercise patient-coaching to encourage this exceptional service, yet also the wisdom in the use of the company’s resources. What companies do not want to happen is their team members seeing their company as disingenuous or inconsistent with their messaging.
    Make sure your team feels empowered and allowed to serve.

Exceptional Service, Except Product(ivity)
When you have a team that feels:

  • cared for and served by their leader
  • they are indeed a team, driven toward the same goal
  • that their work contributes to something good and great
  • empowered to give it their all and even make mistakes

Your company will have the most exceptional service and productivity.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Business Transformation - 4 Questions To Exceptional Service And Exceptional Productivity
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