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Best Barista And Coffee Schools In The World, 2020

People often open coffee houses to share their love and passion for coffee. The locals always want new places to explore. And a new café is another meetup spot for the community.

Offering the locals a coffee experience superior to the existing ones is key to retaining them. While a great ambiance is essential, locals will keep coming back for admirable coffee.

Making such coffee is no child’s play. If you ask coffeehouse owners, having a proficient barista is a safe bet. Especially if your coffeehouse. So, you may want to receive training from a respected barista college. Or hire a barista who has been to such a college.

Best Barista And Coffee Schools In The World, 2020

  1. The Seattle Barista Academy, United States
  2. Texas Coffee School, United States
  3. International Barista And Coffee Academy (IBCA), United States
  4. The Canadian Barista Academy, Canada
  5. Australian Barista School, Australia
  6. BARistaBARBAR, United Kingdom
  7. Specialty Coffee Association, United States
  8. Bellissimo Coffee Advisors, United States
  9. Coffee Business School of the Cascades, United States
  10. The Espresso Academy, Italy
  11. The Barista Academy, New Zealand
  12. Coffee Academy U.A.E., United Arab Emirates
  13. Espresso Academy Thailand, Thailand
  14. Barista Academy Greece, Greece

Seattle Barista Academy: Seattle Barista Academy is aptly located in Seattle, the coffee capital of the US. And the. One-on-one training ensures the best learning experience. Moreover, you will love the practical and hands-on approach to learning.

Seattle Barista Academy has associations with numerous coffee machine manufacturers. So, you get to learn on commercial espresso machines. And thanks to liaisons with local coffee roasters, you will be able to go on tour to these roasting facilities as part of the program.

You will get to explore the several ways you can brew coffee at the state-of-the-art facilities. But running a coffee shop is a lot more than that. You will gain in-depth knowledge about all the equipment you need to know about. You will also be taught to properly use and maintain this equipment.

You will also be able to set up a bar upon completing this course. So, Seattle Barista Academy will teach you to manage and operate a store profitably. It also provides in-school and on-site consultation services.

The Texas Coffee School: The Texas Coffee School teaches its students everything about the coffee business – introduction to the coffee industry, making business plans, breakdown of business operation costs, daily operations, latte art, conducting a coffee tasting, and more.

You will get to learn in detail about brewing devices such as Aeropress, Batch Brewer, Chemex, Clever Dipper, Cold Bruer Ice Coffee Maker, commercial espresso machines, French Press, and Gino Dripper.

Brewing is a crucial part of making coffee. Sometimes the coffee may not get adequately brewed. You will also learn how to rectify a batch that is not brewed up to the mark.

The Texas Coffee School conducts new classes almost every week. So, you can pick the course at your convenience. It also offers courses in coffee shop management and coffee business overview.

International Barista and Coffee Academy: Popularly known as IBCA, it is the first SCA-authorized coffee academy in the Americas. You can opt for a course depending on the level of expertise you aspire to reach.

You can study at IBCA even if you are just curious about making better coffee and not necessarily looking to pursue a career in coffee. The foundation level course deals mainly with the bar and drinks basics. Intermediate and professional classes aim to turn you into a coffee expert.

You will learn how to make various types of coffees. You will also learn coffee roasting and coffee brewing. They also teach you about green coffee. You will get to participate in coffee tastings to better understand the nitty-gritty of coffee flavors. After all, a coffeehouse owner must be able to talk about and distinguish between Arabica and Robusta, right?

IBCA also offers consulting services to learn how to set up a profitable coffee shop and how you can come up with a menu. Upon course completion, you will be able to keep the expensive equipment in ideal working condition.

Canadian Barista Institute: Canadian Barista Institute offers in-class and online courses at their campuses in Calgary and Vancouver. Their value-for-money programs and training have received positive reviews from several established cafes and bakeries.

Australian Barista School: Teachers at the Australian Barista School will teach you how to make different types of coffee, milk frothing, and to clean and maintain the coffee machines. This nationally accredited barista school also offers another course with RSA/RCG package for an overall training experience.

Baristabarbar: This barista school in London has received many 5-star reviews and a Corporate Excellence Award nomination. It offers short courses, latte art courses, coffee roasting courses, and a barista boot camp.

Specialty Coffee Association: Created by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), this program provides a common set of continuing education courses for coffee professionals worldwide. In the United States, SCA offers the Coffee Skills Program (CSP) in affiliation with the Barista Guild of America and the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA).

Bellissimo Coffee Advisors: In operation for 25 years, Bellissimo Coffee Advisors is a pioneer in coffee education. It focuses on transforming knowledge-thirsty coffee professionals into experts in their field with in-person workshops and online training sessions that range from basic barista skills to coffee business management.

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