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Best Universities Offering Gender Studies Programs in The US, 2020

Duke University

Gender Studies have gained popularity in the 21st century and will continue to impact academic and policy-making discourse. Presently, there are many universities across the globe, which offer well-curated programs on gender studies. Gender Studies, being an interdisciplinary area of study, requires highly intellectual and well-qualified faculties with a holistic temperament, a comprehensive curriculum, and excellent library resources among many other things. The best universities out there ensure that they have the best out there. In fact, many of these universities are based in the United States.

Today, Gender Studies is the theme. More specifically, we are going to discuss a few top universities in the United States known for their programs on gender studies. Here are those universities you should take note of.

  1. Harvard University.
    Every course at Harvard University is among the best in the world. So, it should not surprise you that Harvard’s Committee on Degrees in Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality (WGS) offers a wonderfully prepared program on gender studies. It offers an under-graduation program in the area of Women, Gender and Sexuality taught by faculties from different disciplines. It covers vast themes to impart wholesome academic knowledge to students including African-American Studies, Women in American and Asian Literature, Religion and Women, etc. Modern developments with respect to LGBTQ, racism, and feminism are also extensively covered for those enrolled in this program.
  2. The University of California-Los Angeles.
    Another highly acclaimed university in the country and the world, the University of California-Los Angeles is known for its Bachelor of Arts program in the area of Gender Studies. The pedagogical approach towards the course is theoretical, critical, and contemporary. Historical analyses are part and parcel of the program so as to allow students to appreciate the trajectory of developments relating to gender issues. In its coursework, you will come across interdisciplinary studies including those on themes such as racism, religion, sex work, migration, workplace developments, etc. You will have to engage in a research seminar as part of the coursework.
  3. Stanford University.
    Arguably, one of the most loaded programs on Gender Studies can be found at Stanford University. It runs a program in the field of Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies that covers a wide range of courses spanning over several disciplines. As a student of gender studies, you will be educated about the historical, psychological, sociological, and contemporaneous developments of gender-related issues, especially women. You will have ample opportunities to explore available literature, fiction and non-fiction, on gender studies. A mandatory requirement of the program is that students must select a focus area that includes LGBTQ studies or International Studies on Gender.
  4. Iowa State University.
    With a focus on exploring identity issues, the gender studies program at Iowa State University is a fine example of inclusiveness. An interdisciplinary approach towards the conduct of the program assists students in understanding and appreciating the complex dynamics of gender studies. By allowing students to critically evaluate various societal systems across the globe, they are able to identify problems associated with them. The program focuses on a number of areas such as religion, health, business, politics, and whatnot. There is a strong emphasis on feminist theory throughout the curriculum.
  5. Duke University.
    A 10-course major, Bachelor of Arts in Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies is one of the well-thought-out programs Duke University has to offer. Courses covered under the program include myriad areas of concern which have always had an impact on understanding gender dynamics, particularly those of women.  These courses include the role of feminism, identities, LGBTQ, and politics on defining and re-defining gender roles. There are various combos of courses available to students such as a combination of Literature, Visuality & Performance, Science, Technology, Medicine & Environment, and Global, Inequality & Politics.
  6. University of Pennsylvania.
    Studying Gender Studies at the University of Pennsylvania will be an experience of a lifetime for anyone who comes here. The program is holistic, with special emphasis on women and their issues. Development trajectories are critically studied under the guidance of able and highly knowledgeable faculties from various disciplines. While students are exposed to a great number of areas to study, they have the liberty to target specific courses in the program such as History and English, and Politics and Philosophy. There is also an option to convert your program into a double major if you are dedicated enough to conduct more advanced studies in the field.

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