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Best Medical Colleges in Brazil, 2020

It’s a well-known fact that nature’s beauty in Brazil is fascinating and unparalleled. It is equally true that Brazil is ranked under the top 50 for education. Moreover, it is applying efforts to enhance the quality of education in the country. Medical education has undergone various reforms and is upgraded to a great extent. The best medical colleges in the country are enumerated and explained below in detail.

  1. The University of Sao Paulo: Established in 1934, the University of Sao Paulo is not only the oldest university in the country but also one of the most famed higher education institutions in Latin America. Situated in the state of Sao Paulo, this university has attained a dominant position as a research center in no time. Students from all around the globe are attracted to this university owing to its constant improvement in studies and overall quality. More than a lakh of applications are received by the university that adds approx. 11,500 students from more than 50 countries every year. Its high-quality graduate and postgraduate programs are a great booster for it.
  2. The Federal University of Sao Paulo: Though its foundation was laid in the year 1933, this private institution was converted into a federal university in 1994. The University has always focused on Health Sciences since its inception, now it has brought diversity in subjects owing to the Reform Program initiated by the government. The Federal University of Sao Paulo is a public university in the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil that magnetizes students not just from their own country but also from the neighboring and far ones. It looks forward to contributing to medical research and transform its students into health professionals. The Federal University is recognized as one of the most pristine and elite universities in Brazil. The University comprises hundreds of nearby buildings, including Sao Paulo hospital, which also provides work experience to its graduate students.
  3. The Federal University of Minas Gerald: Founded in the year 1927, the Federal University of Minas Gerald is the oldest university in the state. It is not only the largest federal university in Brazil but also holds a place in the 5 largest universities in the country. It has expanded its wings in various fields like education, scientific research, culture, etc. The University also offers distance learning programs at all levels, including graduation, post-graduation, etc. which are currently available in more than 20 cities. As aforesaid, the University doesn’t want its students to be limited to academics but also influences them to work for political, economic, and cultural aspects of the society.
  4. Faculty of Medical Sciences, The Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul: With more than 31,000 undergraduate students, more than 12,000 graduate students, and over 2,600 staff, the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul is one of the leading, largest, and top-notch universities in the country. The University is a non-profit public institution for higher education established way back in 1934. Being a public federal university, it doesn’t ask its students for tuition fees for enrollment but the students need to clear a competitive exam known as vestibular. This co-educational institution has prescribed a particular admission policy for which international students are also eligible. Apart from rendering recognized degrees, the University also provides certain facilities to its students, like extra-curricular activities, a library, distance learning programs, online courses, exchange programs, etc.
  5. School of Health Sciences (Centro de Ciências da Saúde – CCS), The Federal University of Santa Catarina: The Federal University of Santa Catarina is yet another public university in Brazil in the city of Florianópolis. This university also requires ‘vestibular’ for the admission that generally takes 2-3 days to perform. Out of all the applicants, about 10-15% succeeds in getting admission. The applicants for graduate degrees are supposed to contact directly to the respective department. The University offers 55 Doctoral degree programs and Portuguese as a foreign language to all the international students.

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