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Top Colleges To Study Film Making in New York

Film making as a course has become quite popular these days. Why? Because filmmakers today are not restricting themselves to movies only. There are different sectors of visual arts in which the talented young generation is investing their efforts. From newsreel, music videos, commercials, documentaries, and short films, there are other fields that cater to the audience today.

Fortunately for all those who dream of making big in the film industry, there are many colleges in New York where you can polish your skills. These colleges have accomplished professors along with high-level courses that can make you excel in screenwriting, video, animation, and direction as per your choice. Here in this blog below, we have mentioned some of the best colleges where you can study film making in New York.

  1. City College Of New York( CUNY)The institute is one of the oldest film schools in the entire USA.  Also, it is the only public academy that offers a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.  The college imparts various skills that pertain to production in both fictional and documentary movie-making. While the tuition fees for both the residents and non-residents varies, the City College of New York is the first choice of all students who really want to forge ahead on a career path behind the camera.
  2. Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Film and Animation: One of the top institutes in the east coast, the college offers a four-year-long course in both film and animation courses. The college is also very selective of the students who get enrolled and each year only 60 applicants get selected out of 600. From animation, staging, direction, production, and scriptwriting, the institute also gives students a chance to learn new technologies required in film production.
  3. Pace University: The university is located in Westchester, New York and is famous for both the Digital Cinema and Film Making programs. One of the top institutes in the Big Apple the University also has a theatre program that hosts the Inside The Actors Studio and imparts the knowledge of film making to the core. Another major aspect of enrolling in this institute is that it provides an internship program that encourages young and aspiring filmmakers to join and train from  NBC and New Line Cinema for a prospective career ahead.
  4. Vassar College: The college is helmed as one of the first institutes to teach film making course in New York. With a wide variety of courses to learn from the institute maintains an integrative approach and offers training on Auteur theory. Apart from the course students can also learn screenwriting and production which can further push their careers ahead on the path of film making.
  5. Columbia University, School of the Arts: This particular university can be touted as one of the demanding film schools in New York City. Why? It is because every year the college accepts only 6% of the total 1,000 applicants. While getting admission to the college is tough, once you get enrolled there are a number of courses that can be explored based on your choice. From screenwriting, directing, editing, and many more the different courses help you learn each aspect of film making to the core.
  6. New York University, Tisch School of Arts: The New York University is functioning as a top institute since 1965. One of the top colleges in the Big Apple to study and embark on a career behind the camera, the college has famous alumni like Martin Scorcese. Offering courses the cater to both the film and television industry, the students here can also take a chance to learn documentary, narrative, and experimental movie making. The wide list of courses is coupled with a competitive learning atmosphere and thus makes the institute one of the best in the whole city.

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