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Central And South America’s Ultra-Budget Friendly Destinations

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There is literally no person in the world who does not strive for a perfect vacation. After all, when the pressure of the workspace and the chaotic routine of life starts to take a toll, vacations seem to be the escape route forsqueezing out of the conundrum.

Traveling around the world can be very expensive, but there are countless places in Central and South-America which really fit the budget perfectly. So, next time you are all set to take off, do check out these destinations which surely will give you a trip of a lifetime.

  1. Machu Picchu
    What is a trip to the South-American continent, without visiting the Macchu Picchu. Regarded as one of the ancient wonders of the world, the meticulously preserved site has an intimate connection with nature and civilization. Blessed with mystical temples and citadels the site has remains of the Incan culture which is hard to witness anywhere else. Try exploring the grounds of this lost city either by booking a train from Cusco or hiking through the Inka trail, the architecture of the place will surely stun you.
  2. Argentine Patagonia

    The diverse landscape of Patagonia has lured travelers since its discovery. Touted as one of the most picturesque places in the South and Central American region, the varied geography of the place has age-old glaciers, peaks carved with stories, and cobalt fjords along with snow-covered peaks as its many attractions. To make most of the striking place do visit both halves of the region which are Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile along with Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina. Apart from these, also plan a trip to Ushuaia also credited “The end of the world” along with Bariloche which has several lakes in its kitty.
  3. Cusco
    Whether you are a history buff or some intrepid traveler, one thing is for sure that Cusco encompasses everything in its cradle. The grand city is also one of the ancient places as it still has a domineering presence of cultures that do not exceed beyond its geographical boundaries. Home to the Machu Picchu, cathedrals, and opulent temples, Cusco offers a lot more to the travelers at unexpectedly wallet-friendly prices.
  4. Lima
    The capital of Peru, Lima is flanked by colonial vestiges that are enveloped by a beautiful architecture from all around. Earlier known as the “City of Kings”, there is a multitude of things to do in Lima. Thanks to the cultural heritage and rich history, the city boasts of several UNESCO listed sites and museums where you can get a quick sneak-peek into lost civilization. Apart from these, Lima is also famous for being a culinary capital, as the eateries in and around the city dish out world-class cuisines for the taste buds. Also, while in the destination do visit Miraflores and get a glimpse of the Peruvian nightlife from close.
  5. Bogota
    Colombia’s capital is the new entrant into the list of exotic places best for a vacation. Filled with stunning architecture, nightlife, and food that takes the taste buds on a gastronomical conquest, Bogota is in every way a dream destination for travelers. And while the location is budget-friendly, this key asset makes it one of the best places for a vacation in South-America.
  6. Costa Rica
    Not many are aware of the fact that Costa Rica is home to one of the diverse habitats in the world. With an ecosystem well protected by the government, the wide variety of flora and fauna present here might surely captivate the interest of onlookers. Another important feature of the country is the beaches and rich topography which makes it a huge playground for activities such as swimming, diving, ziplining, surfing, and snorkeling for all adventurers out there.
  7. Santiago
    An urban blend of old and new, Santiago is soon climbing the charts as a favored destination among travelers. While the Andes Mountain range presents a dramatic contrast to the bustling metropolis, the numerous museums around the city have an indigenous collection of artworks. Apart from the hip neighborhood, a string of restaurants, visitors shall take the funicular ride to the peak of Cerro San Cristobal which presents the panoramic view of the lovely city.

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