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Want to Study Political Science? Here are the top 5 picks for higher education

Harvard University

Politics is a multidimensional concept that has been studied since time immemorial. Its role in impacting decisions of human societies was made prominent by geniuses in ancient Greece and Rome, though studies have been conducted long before that. Over time, political science, which studies political activity and behaviour among many other things, began to occupy a crucial place in academic organizations of various educational institutions. Today, it is an indisputable academic requirement for excelling in the science of politics and everything about it.

Studying political science requires a resourceful environment, able guidance, and strong inclination towards exploring and analysing all kinds of literature available in the world. You can only do this if you choose the right institution with the right facilities. Unsurprisingly, there are quite a few top-notch options available for anyone who wants to learn political science and establish a thriving career in it.

Take a note of the 5 such universities I have mentioned in this list.

  1. Harvard University
    The world of higher education would be incomplete without Harvard University, which has consistently taken top spots in many fields. Standing as the oldest educational institution in the United States of America, it has produced exceptional talents which have made major changes in the history of the world. These include hundreds of billionaires, Rhodes Scholars, Nobel Laureates, Olympic Medalists, and Marshall Scholars. It is home to the largest academic library in the whole wide world, giving you access to millions of resources. Also, while it is an expensive ride to Harvard, it offers generous financial assistance to those who are in dire need.
  2. Princeton University
    Another esteemed member of Ivy League, Princeton University has a distinguished place in American higher education system. With an extensive and influential list of alumni, you can find many big names who have achieved the highest forms of academic excellence possible such as Nobel laureates, Rhodes Scholars, Abel Prize winners, and Turing Award winners. Its academic structure comprises carefully curated comprehensive courses at various degree levels and includes programs on social sciences, engineering, humanities, and natural sciences. Its library network is among the largest in the world, and there are many specialised libraries which add to its glory.
  3. Sciences Po Paris
    Formally called the Paris Institute of Political Studies, Sciences Po Paris is an elite French institution that was established in the year 1872. The original purpose of the institution was to train the coming generations of politicians following the Franco-Prussian War; however, it has moved beyond this and offers myriad courses to students. That being said, it still remains the undisputed master of political science in Europe. You can infer that from the fact that it has been the home ground for many famous personalities in the French political landscape; 7 Presidents and 13 Prime Ministers have been its alumni. Sciences Po Paris is a member of the respected Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs.
  4. University of Oxford
    The University of Oxford is an exemplary example of a world-class educational institution whose influence has been all-encompassing and absolutely brilliant. Situated in the namesake University city in England, it is presently one of the oldest universities in existence. It is essentially a group of 39 constituent colleges, several private halls, and academic departments. All of these colleges cater to a range of courses offered at multiple degree levels. It is the same University that offers Rhodes Scholarships. The university has high research output and has been associated with the International Alliance of Research University. Only accentuating its charm is the series of museums and galleries which it maintains and which are open to the public.
  5. London School of Economics and Political Sciences
    As the name suggests, the London School of Economics and Political Sciences is one of the institutions that assures a qualitative academic experience in Political Science. Due to its intensive research-oriented approach towards academics, your spectrum of learning will be widened unprecedentedly. Hadn’t it undertaken such an approach, it would not have produced many notable personalities in the field of humanities and social sciences including more than 50 heads of State and 18 Nobel Laureates. There are also many research centres integral to its scheme of infusing a research-leaning temperament in its scholars. These centres include the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Police and the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment.

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