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Discover Your Next Hobby With These Online Art Courses

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, most of the tasks, including studies and jobs, are done via the internet. It features everything you are looking for. With skyrocketing demand for online courses over the years, the colleges, institutes, and experts are coming up with numerous online courses, without sidelining art section. If you too are fond of art and are willing to explore but don’t know which field(s) to choose, keep reading! Below are the renowned art courses some of which were available for free and others for a fee.

  1. Music
    Learning music is of utmost importance in everyone’s life. If learned at an early age, it helps develop the areas of the brain responsible for learning and reasoning.

    Today, there are a plethora of music learning options available, from established websites to infinite YouTube channels. You shall be patient enough to learn music at home. To give it a start, break the song into small parts, and prepare your notes along with playing. The gradual practice must be the key to learning.

  2. Drawing and Painting
    Drawing and painting help in bringing out the hidden emotions effortlessly. It improves creativity, spreads the positive vibe, and helps in improving the communication skills in some way. Students, who are interested in drawing and painting, can enroll for programs widely available on the internet. Some may provide you for free whereas some may charge you a certain amount but that’s a low-cost alternative when compared with the traditional face-to-face courses.
  3. Creative Writing
    Creative writing lets persons exercise their creative brains and enhances their imagination. It not only builds confidence but also improves mental and emotional health. The ability to bring various alternatives is brushed up through creative writing. Various programs, webinars, and training sessions keep going on which can benefit the students in sharpening their skills.
  4. Poetry Writing
    Poetry doesn’t just help in expressing love and expressions but in healing a person emotionally as well. It helps in polishing the brain in various ways, like developing creativity and improving vocabulary, spreading awareness by the words of institution, educating people, etc. There are various courses offered by universities, applications that provide techniques and styles for writing, and workshops to give you minutest tips to bring poetry writing to an upgraded level.
  5. Sculpting
    It sounds difficult but it’s not! Learning and practicing sculpting can become easy if you follow a few tricks. Select a corner (workspace) for yourself at home and try your hands on a wide array of tools. Then, you can start the procedure by sketching a design, building and filling an armature, and then go with the detailing part. The student shall master the sculpting in at least three months of active practice, whereas it takes four months to a year in case of 3D sculpting.
  6. Photography
    Bring your passion for photography to a level up. If it is not possible for you to join expensive and long-distance workshops, you can add at least something to your knowledge with online workshops. There are numerous free as well as paid online courses for photography. YouTube is always there with ‘n’ numbers of photography tutorials to help you out with the basics. Joining the photography clubs can be of the utmost help for you. Meanwhile, carry your camera wherever you go!
  7. 3D Animation
    In simple terms, 3D animation is the process of generating animated images digitally. There are various animation schools throughout the world but if you want to learn it online, you can refer to various websites and YouTube channels to learn the preliminary as well as expert-leveled knowledge. Generally, it takes years of schooling to expertize in this course but you can do so in the comfort of your home with a lot of studying, practice, and efforts.

The digital world is filled with abundant opportunities for art lovers, which field are you interested in?

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