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Top Caribbean Destinations For Beach Goers

Jamaica. Dunn's River waterfalls

The word “Beach” itself takes you onto an imaginary cosmos. Rolling waves, unhindered views of the gargantuan ocean, the sun, wind, and a bit of sand between the toes paint a bucolic scene in front of the eyes.

There are tons of coastal getaways around the world that are apt for a trip, but for people who prefer to do things with flair, thesea aquatic gems in the Caribbean islands are worth a mention.

  1. U.S Virgin Islands

    The U.S Virgin Islands are famous for the three islands that encompass astounding views for the visitors. Driven primarily by the natural beauty of mountains, forests, and beaches, the islands have crystal clear waters that lure travelers towards it.  Out of the three islands, St John remains the most crowded as it has plenty of opportunities for snorkeling, swimming, and diving. If you love a quiet respite then head to the Trunks Bay Beach or the marine sanctuary Buck Island Reef in St Croix for more enjoyment.
  2. Jamaica
    Jamaica remains one of the popular destinations in the Caribbean due to its inherent connection with its culture. The nation is a hit with travelers for its three main beaches that act as a magnet to pull in a large number of footfalls. Start off with the Seven Mile Beach in Negril which will surely strike a chord with you due to the white sands and crystal clear waters. For surfers looking for an incredible adventure or Doctor caves beach for chasing gigantic waves and picture-perfect sunsets.
  3. Antigua
    Claiming a spot on the sand is quite an easy feat to achieve in Antigua. Well, the nation has around 365 beaches, which for sure are a whooping number to start with. And to top that every beachgoer is sure to find a place on the coastline that suits their pursuits. While the Dickenson bay is great for lounging around, Galley bay beach poses as a perfect playground for surfers who are all set to have a showdown with the roaring waves. And for people who love to spend quiet time away from the hustle-bustle of the city, head to the half-moon bay for its cloistered location.
  4. St Martin-St Maarten
    This destination is for the people with an unusual taste. As the name suggests both the islands represent two cultures namely Dutch and French. While both the locations have exceptional beaches to their name, you can expect some sort of nudity on the seascapes in St Martin, barring the Orient Bay. If this comes as a culture shock for you, then do head to Friars Bay or Maho Bay on St Maarten which resonates more with the families.
  5. St Lucia
    St Lucia can be easily credited as the flagbearer of beauty in the Caribbeans. Out of its many natural attractions, the pristine beaches really walk away with all the accolades. Head out to the Marigot bay which is punctuated with gorgeous vistas from all around for a lazy day out. Other than that, travelers can also visit the AnseChastanet which is a secluded beach with a thriving Coral Reef below its water surface. Rodney Bay, on the other hand, is fringed with hotels and shops making it a relaxing respite from all aspects.
  6. St Vincent & The Grenadines

    St Vincent & Grenadines is home to two diverse forms of beaches. While the former is lined up with volcanic beaches with dark sands, the latter is surrounded by aquamarine waters and white-sand beaches. From Friendship beach, Macaroni beach, Mahaaut Bay beach, to Tobago Cays Marine Park, the nation will definitely make you fall in love with its expanse. Try a hand in snorkeling and swimming while in Grenadines or Tobago Cays to make the most of your wonderful trip.
  7. Barbados
    Barbados is yet another destination that always seems to catapult the majority of wanderlusts to its core. Thanks to the stunning beaches lined along the shoreline of the nation, there are tons of opportunities for every type of visitor. For a more relaxing vacation, travelers can visit the Brighton beach and Brandons beach. And if adventure is your forte then Carlisle Bay and Dover Beach will surely amaze you with water sports activities.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Travel - Top Caribbean Destinations For Beach Goers
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