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COVID-19: Humans’ Search for Humanity

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“COVID-19 pandemic is a tumble that has made humans become humble emphasizing empathy and humility.” ―Professor M.S. Rao.

COVID-19 is one of the most serious diseases globally. There must be a short-term and long-term vision to counter COVID-19. In a short-term vision, they must stop spreading the virus globally and in a long-term vision, they must encourage to invent a vaccine to end this pandemic permanently. In the short-term vision, they must collaborate with others who are fighting against it relentlessly. They must plan carefully and communicate clearly and regularly about the action steps they have taken to combat it.

They must be transparent, create trust in the people, and share the updates and progress about the virus regularly. They must marshal their resources swiftly and effectively. They must use technology especially big data and information effectively and measure their success by flattening the curve. They must share the information about their progress with other leaders globally to enable the latter to learn lessons and improve their communities and countries. They must stand united at this hour of the global crisis to save the humans forgetting their petty politics.

COVID-19 is nature’s way of reminding us that we are all equal irrespective of rank and position. It has grounded the humans and kept them in the right place and enhanced humility. It has taught lessons to the world that no one is geographically immune and this virus is more dangerous than the weapon. Health researchers must invent a vaccine to check this virus immediately. Humans are blessed with creativity and are capable of exploring solutions for the problems.

They are gifted with an amazing ability of imagination to transform dust into gold. Medical researchers and practitioners must collaborate to explore innovative solutions to combat it at this hour of crisis. There must be preparedness on public health with level-headed policies to counter this invisible enemy apart from protecting the healthcare workers and improving the diagnosis and treatment of those who get ill.

Life Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 will leave an indelible mark on the history of humankind. We must learn lessons from this pandemic to prepare effectively to prevent pandemics in the future. Although coronavirus has brought several challenges to humans threatening their very existence on the planet earth, it has taught several life lessons to humans.

Here are some of them. It reminded everyone that threat might come from any quarter and in any form. It has taught them the value of life paving the way for humans’ search for humanity. It has taught them not to take life for granted. It has taught them to search for meaning for life and think of humanity. It has taught them to care for their communities, neighbors, and the people around them. It grounded them and made them humble and simple. It has taught them the value of time and care for their family members. It has taught employees how to work from their homes and differentiate between their personal and professional lives. It made authors, intellectuals, and philosophers become more creative, imaginative, and productive.

It enhanced empathy and compassion and encouraged nonprofits to come forward actively to help the needy. It has taught to care for their pets and animals. It has taught them the seriousness of climate change and pay attention to it immediately and earnestly. It has taught them to respect wildlife. It elevated the importance of technology because people were connected virtually due to the practice of ‘social distancing.’ It has taught people to reinvent themselves as per the changing times and technologies. It made people lead their lives meaningfully with a more health-conscious mindset, appreciating the little things and cultivating relationships; as well as investing more time in hobbies, self-care, mindfulness, and spirituality.

It has taught the importance of healthcare services and the role of essential care workers who were taken for granted in the past. They are the frontline workers and are the real warriors who saved our lives during the pandemic. It has taught us the attitude of gratitude toward others, especially to frontline workers. Overall, it has changed a lot about modern life: how we work, socialize, and even how we eat.

Exit Strategy for COVID-19 Pandemic

The virus is a huge blow to the world especially to less-developed nations and emerging economies globally. Getting onto the normalcy in the post-pandemic situation is a Herculean challenge but it is possible with the right strategy. The new normal is not reverting to the pre-pandemic period but the post-pandemic period with an emphasis on humility, humanity, and hope. It is not returning to the old normal but creating a new economy with innumerable opportunities for entrepreneurs and employees.

Currently, the initial scare on coronavirus is gone and people are used to it. They are prepared mentally to encounter the challenges arising from the virus. Additionally, they cannot afford to remain at home without a regular income because they have to meet their basic necessities.

Individually, the short-term strategy must be to get on to the business. The people must maintain social distancing, take precautions from the infection, maintain healthy habits, and stay away from coronavirus. It helps them earn income regularly to survive economically. The long-term strategy must be to wait with optimism for the researchers and medical experts to find out the vaccine. A judicious blend of short-term strategy and long-term strategy helps them overcome this pandemic successfully.

Nations must have a short-term strategy to allow their people to pursue their routine activities to bring the economy back to the recovery. They must identify hotspots and prevent people from going there. They must provide economic stimulus to expedite the recovery. They must show opportunities to their people to earn their livelihoods.

In the long-term strategy, nations must encourage research and development to enable the experts to find out the vaccine. They must also prepare for future pandemics and prepare for the post-pandemic world with a vision to bring prosperity. A judicious blend of short-term and long-term strategies help nations achieve a new normal. The virus is likely to rise even after the exit strategy. Hence, nations must prepare strategies accordingly to combat coronavirus permanently.

An integrated effort from all stakeholders including citizens, nations, thought leaders, nonprofits, and intellectuals are essential to draw a blueprint to achieve a new normal.

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